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Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened (2007) — Bidragsgivare — 74 exemplar
Colonial Comics: New England, 1620-1750 (2014) — Illustratör — 61 exemplar


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graphic format, compilation of Native American stories (in my limited understanding, "legends" are generally held as "true" in the same way that Bible stories are regarded), by indigenous writers and a variety of artists, some of whom are indigenous as well.

cool collection, lovely art and storytelling. would like to see more indigenous artists in future!
reader1009 | 25 andra recensioner | Jan 24, 2024 |
Note: I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss.
fernandie | 4 andra recensioner | Sep 15, 2022 |
I get a crack at the things my spouse picks up in the Graphic Novel section of our library. I appreciate getting to see what he finds. This was a very disconnected collection, it was interesting to compare the stories to each other. The best ones had a distinct storyteller's voice. The art varied widely as well. I found I had to make an effort to read the ones that had art I didn't care for.
Je9 | 25 andra recensioner | Aug 10, 2021 |
This graphic novel contains renditions of Native American folklore. The folklore contains Pourquoi tales explaining natural phenomena. Some of the stories are Trickster tales where a Crow or a Racoon outsmart the other characters. Most are Beast tales featuring animals as the major characters. This graphic novel is a great way to help reluctant readers engage in reading and learning about cultural heritage. Getting used to the graphic novel format may take time for readers used to a standard novel layout, but the unique pictures and style of writing is engaging. This book has won several awards including the 2011 Aesop Prize.… (mer)
DaynaVH | 25 andra recensioner | Jul 13, 2021 |



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Andrew Cohen Illustrator, Contributor
Rand Arrington Illustrator, Contributor
Jacob Warrenfeltz Illustrator, Contributor
Brooke A. Allen Contributor, Cover artist, Map details
Eldrena Ddouma Contributor
John Active Contributor
Dimi Macheras Illustrator
J. Chris Campbell Illustrator
Roy Boney Jr. Contributor
Michelle Silva Illustrator
David Smith Contributor
Dayton Edmonds Contributor
Jason Copland Illustrator
Elaine Grinnell Contributor
Chris Piers Illustrator
Micah Farritor Illustrator
Mary Eyley Contributor
Beckee Garris Contributor
Michael J. Auger Illustrator
Paul Zdepski Illustrator
Jimm Goodtracks Contributor
Jon Sperry Illustrator
John Bear Mitchell Contributor
Sunny Dooley Contributor
Eirik Thorsgard Contributor
Greg Rodgers Contributor
Joseph Bruchac Contributor
James Bruchac Contributor
Jack Gladstone Contributor
Pat Lewis Illustrator
Jim8ball Illustrator
Michael Thompson Contributor
Jerry Carr Illustrator
Scott White Illustrator
Evan Keeling Illustrator
Joyce Bear Contributor
Tim Tingle Contributor
Megan Baehr Illustrator
Dan Jones Contributor
Mike Short Illustrator
Andy Bennett Illustrator
Jonathan Perry Contributor
Tom Williams Contributor, Illustrator
Steve Loya Contributor
Michael Cowgill Contributor
Troy-Jeffrey Allen Contributor
Rebecca Goldfield Contributor
Peter S. Conrad Contributor
Rafer Roberts Contributor
Jason Rodriguez Contributor
Kevin Rawlings Contributor
Jack Lenzo Designer
Jim Ottaviani Contributor
Michael Brace Contributor
Nick Sousanis Contributor
Joe Carabeo Contributor
Gregory Robison Contributor
Carol Dembicki Contributor
Mal Jones Contributor
Jeff Mccomsey Contributor
Carolyn Belefski Contributor
Kevin Rechin Contributor
Paul W. Zdepski Contributor
Max Ink Contributor
Chad Lambert Contributor
Michael Rhode Contributor
Kevin Czapiewiski Contributor
Art Haupt Contributor
Charles Fetherolf Contributor
Tabitha Whissemore Contributor
Mike Freiheit Contributor
Scott O. Brown Contributor
Borja Peña Contributor
Sean Fahey Contributor
Dale Rawlings Contributor
Kevin Panetta Contributor
Tre' Packard Foreword
Paulina Ganucheau Illustrator
Andy K. Contributor
JF Frankel Contributor
Pierce Hargan Contributor
Tammy Stellanova Contributor
Jay Hosler Contributor
Pat N. Lewis Contributor
Dove McHargue Contributor


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