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Jude Deveraux is the author of 25 New York Times bestsellers, including High Tide, The Blessing, An Angel for Emily, Legend, and The Duchess. She began writing in 1976, and to date there are more than 30 million copies of her books in print. Ms. Deveraux is currently at work on her next novel. She visa mer lives in Connecticut. (Publisher Provided) visa färre


Verk av Jude Deveraux

A Knight in Shining Armor (1989) 2,076 exemplar
The Summerhouse (2001) 1,245 exemplar
The Mulberry Tree (2002) 952 exemplar
Vita lögner (1992) 899 exemplar
Legend (1996) 892 exemplar
Highland Velvet (1982) 861 exemplar
The Duchess (1991) 859 exemplar
Remembrance (1994) 854 exemplar
Löftet (1981) 836 exemplar
Lavender Morning (2009) 826 exemplar
The Black Lyon (1980) 820 exemplar
The Heiress (1995) 754 exemplar
Älska din fiende (1983) 748 exemplar
Wild Orchids (2003) 743 exemplar
En sång om kärleken (1983) 724 exemplar
High Tide (1999) 699 exemplar
Forever... (2002) 683 exemplar
Someone to Love (2007) — Författare — 683 exemplar
The Blessing (1998) 681 exemplar
Hustru sökes (2000) 677 exemplar
Holly (2003) 664 exemplar
Wishes (1989) 664 exemplar
Mountain Laurel (1990) 657 exemplar
Stigmannen (1987) 623 exemplar
Always (2004) 612 exemplar
Eternity (1992) 607 exemplar
The Princess (1987) 607 exemplar
The Conquest (1991) 586 exemplar
Days of Gold (2009) 582 exemplar
First Impressions (2005) 579 exemplar
An Angel for Emily (1998) 577 exemplar
Forever and Always (2003) 564 exemplar
Secrets (2008) 561 exemplar
The Maiden (1988) 535 exemplar
Twin of Ice (1985) 532 exemplar
The Awakening (1988) 523 exemplar
Return to Summerhouse (2008) 507 exemplar
Twin Of Fire (1985) 503 exemplar
Kärlekens irrvägar (1984) 495 exemplar
Carolina Isle (2005) 483 exemplar
The Enchanted Land (1978) 483 exemplar
Fresterskan (1986) 473 exemplar
Att tämja en man (1989) 471 exemplar
Scarlet Nights (2010) 461 exemplar
Kärlekens sällsamma makt (1985) 455 exemplar
A Gift of Love (Anthology 5-in-1) (1995) — Bidragsgivare — 440 exemplar
Drömmar om kärlek (1985) 427 exemplar
True Love (2013) 408 exemplar
Sweetbriar (1983) 390 exemplar
Heartwishes (2011) 360 exemplar
Upon a Midnight Clear [Anthology 5-in-1] (1997) — Bidragsgivare — 352 exemplar
For All Time (2014) 306 exemplar
The Scent of Jasmine (2010) 297 exemplar
A Willing Murder (2018) 276 exemplar
Moonlight in the Morning (1621) 275 exemplar
Ever After (2015) 266 exemplar
A Season in the Highlands (Anthology 5-in-1) (2000) — Författare — 251 exemplar
The Girl From Summer Hill (2016) 227 exemplar
Moonlight Masquerade (2013) 206 exemplar
Stranger in the Moonlight (2012) 202 exemplar
A Justified Murder (2019) 166 exemplar
As You Wish (2018) 162 exemplar
Change of Heart (2014) 141 exemplar
Met Her Match (2019) 138 exemplar
Twin of Ice [and] Twin of Fire (1985) 133 exemplar
A Forgotten Murder (2020) 130 exemplar
Casa Grande (1982) 74 exemplar
A Relative Murder (2022) 68 exemplar
Just Curious (1995) 57 exemplar
Meant to Be (2021) 50 exemplar
Thief of Fate (2020) 46 exemplar
The Taming [and] The Conquest (1989) 39 exemplar
Velvet Song [and] Velvet Angel (1983) 36 exemplar
Promises (2010) 33 exemplar
The Invitation [short fiction] (1994) 11 exemplar
Matchmakers (1994) 5 exemplar
Balada de Veludo (2021) 4 exemplar
The Teacher 4 exemplar
A Perfect Arrangement (1994) 3 exemplar
Um Crime Familiar 3 exemplar
The Jude Deveraux Gift Set (1999) 2 exemplar
El Metro De Madrid (1985) 2 exemplar
Hermana de hielo (2005) 1 exemplar
Алисия 1 exemplar
La Seductora (1989) 1 exemplar
Anjo de Veludo 1 exemplar
Deep Midnight 1 exemplar
INVITATIA 1 exemplar
DOAMNA RAULUI 1 exemplar
Un ángel para Emily (2010) 1 exemplar
A Felföld bársonya (2001) 1 exemplar
Madame Zoya látogatói (2009) 1 exemplar
Forever & Always 1 exemplar
La esencia del jazmín (2018) 1 exemplar
Mai presus de timp 1 exemplar

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Romance+Female Chef+Onions Restaurant+Fiance i Name that Book (februari 2016)
romance i Name that Book (februari 2014)


Leah comes from a poor family, but she's always been fascinated with wealthy Wesley Stanford. When he mistakes her for a prostitute one night, Leah ends up pregnant. Forced to marry her, Wesley abandons her with his family while he builds a farm in Kentucky. He's irate because he always wanted to marry Kimberly, a beautiful and spoiled woman of his class. Meanwhile, his family takes to Leah and teaches her manners and what else she needs as the wife of a wealthy man.
This is all pretty good until Wesley returns, and the story 'jumps the shark.' Leah and Wesley head to Kentucky with Kimberly in tow to get a divorce there so that Wesley can marry Kim. Kim treats Leah as a servant, and Wesley changes his mind, but now Leah wants no part of him. From there, it just got more ridiculous.
I liked the first part, but the second half of the book was a disappointment.
… (mer)
N.W.Moors | 9 andra recensioner | Oct 30, 2023 |
Think I was given this as a Christmas or Birthday present, as I dont remember buying it myself.

Start of what looks like a series, a young woman is willed a house by the elderly woman who was her mentor. It introduces her to a large (and yet very small) community that seems to know everything before it happens and Ramsey the lawyer seems to have been earmarked as a potential suitor.

The story deals with her beginning to settle in, whilst trying to deal with Ramsey and her attraction to his cousin Luke. Meanwhile they start to dig into Miss Edi's past.

Lots of threads remain untied at the end of the book, possibly willing you to read the next book in the series. e.g. how did she get a $50,000 mortgage with no known income (ok, the house is large but was going to eat up the money).

And I was always taught: never introduce a new character or subject in the last quarter of the book. So why do we find out about Luke's other job in the last chapter? In the same chapter we've met Joce's grandfather for the first time?
… (mer)
nordie | 33 andra recensioner | Oct 14, 2023 |
I've read a few of Ms. Deveraux's books with mixed reactions, but I decided to try one more and picked this, one of her best-known, on Sarah MacLean's recommendation. I love Ms. MacLean's books, but I disliked The Black Lyon.
The characters are awful; Lyonene is an airhead who never grows up and constantly gets involved in bad situations after being told to do the opposite. Ranulf is rude and abusive but somehow is soft inside though he never really shows it. The plot is ridiculous, just one stupid scrap after another, usually because Lyonene is afraid to talk to her husband. To be fair, he does backhand her once, so her fear is justified.
I don't necessarily care much about the historical details, especially in an older bodice-ripper, but so much was wrong with the history. The rules of inheritance were completely wrong, and I almost lost it when Edward I thought it'd be funny to give a drunken Lyonene white wine instead of water to get her even more drunk. I should have DNF'd this book but it was so bad I had to keep reading to see what happened next. Anyway, it wasn't for me, and Ms. Deveraux's books are off my TBR list.
… (mer)
N.W.Moors | 17 andra recensioner | Sep 15, 2023 |
A Justified Murder by Jude Deveraux was an excellent murder mystery novel that took some wild twists and turns I didn't expect!

Sara, Kate and Jack work together to try to solve an old woman's murder. Everyone seems to like her... or do they? There's more than meets the eye when this elderly woman is brutally murdered, and the plot begins to thicken when her drama is released into the public...

I honestly adored this book! It was sweet, simple and yet so thrilling all at the same time. It felt very cozy yet it wasn't a total contemporary, cozy mystery. It was packed full of unique stories that I hadn't expected (but I also hadn't read the first book in this series, so who knows... maybe I would have seen them coming!).

This book can easily be read as a standalone, but I know I want to pick up the remaining books in this series now. It was super enjoyable and enough information was given for me to understand what was going on in the story.

I will say this: If you are looking for a murder mystery book where you will be able to connect the dots, this book is not it. It's a bit more scattered brained and the kind of book you just sink into and let it ride itself out. There was no way you could guess what was going to happen until the information was given by the author. There's no dots to connect.

I am very curious if this romantic relationship that was being hinted at develops... I guess I gotta find the rest of the series to find out!

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.
… (mer)
Briars_Reviews | 8 andra recensioner | Aug 4, 2023 |



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