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d'Lacey, Chris
Leicester, Leicestershire, England, UK
d'Lacey, Jay (spouse)



What is with the cover????? How tacky looking Mr D'Lacey ought to find a better cover artist.

A great second book to the Erth Dragon series, where characters begin to take charge and tings become complicated between the world of dragons, goyles and humans. Blood is shed and monsters and awakened.

I love how D' Lacey keeps his rules in the series to the last dragon chronicles within these books, all dragons names begin with 'G' and Godith is their creator, and fire tears are the dragons essence of life etc.

I was hit by a van the day after I started reading this and so....I read this in a day sat like a cripple (in my wheelchair) in front of my rats cage feet up on their food box, with fizzy drinks and chocolate at hand... this book was gripping enough to leave me wanting more. Glad I had time off work to finish it so quickly. ;)

But the covers though..... seriously... I will be buying these books but not until they have a second edition cover for the series lolz!
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Enchanten | 1 annan recension | Mar 12, 2023 |
As always with this series of books a very enjoyable read.
Icefire introduces the villan Aunt to the story and takes a far more interesting turn to the world of dragons than the first book
Enchanten | 23 andra recensioner | Mar 12, 2023 |
The Fire Eternal is Chris d'Lacey's 4th book in the Last Dragon Chronicles.

It's four years after Gwillana kidnapped Lucy and took her to the tooth of Ragnar, four years that David has been presumed dead to all but Lucy and she wants the world to know him as the hero she saw him as. With Zanna being mother to David's strange child Alexa and Elizabeth being in love with Arthur Lucy is left feeling lost and seeks help from a journalist to prove David is alive, but problems occur and soon it seems as though the lovable lodger she once knew had never even existed before college.

Among the drama of the Pennykettle household we are taken to the arctic where Polar bears are coming together and with the help of an old enemy in raven form this part of the novel is what truly kept me gripped.

I loved this series because its difference, this book however is a little heavy reading its all about environmental awareness and global warming affecting the ice caps and its inhabitants. Somewhere in the 200 pages this book turns from a young teen cute dragon fantasy book to a sci-fi war novel, which is quite sad as the dragons made the novels wonderful. The introduction of the Ix and Pre:men is the downfall to this series and the next two books are even heavier going considering their marketing group. I being in my 20's struggle to keep interest when reading of the fain and their enemy the use of the : in certain words becomes really off putting and does eventually drive me crazy.

This book overall was a good read, Gwillana makes the best good/bad guy in the series and with the addition of the polar bears perspective the read is just worth every bit of my time.
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Enchanten | 11 andra recensioner | Mar 12, 2023 |
A wonderfull start to an epic series of teen fantasy novels.

THE FIRE WITHIN is a book for readers age 7-12, so its obviously not going to get top rates from many older readers. However I first read this series when i was 15 and i have to admit they hooked me, this is my favorite series of books.

Fire Within is not all about dragons, in fact its more about squirrels, which if you are looking for a dragon book you may feel more than a bit cheated. But that's not to say this book isn't worth the read, Chris d'Lacey has magnificently created dragons in this series from clay and turned them into real dragons.
Gadzooks is the main inspirational dragon in this novel, he helps the main character David Rain with writing the squirrel story ad also seems to be able to predict near future events.

To sum it up in short THE FIRE WITHIN is an opening line. It introduces you in a easy way to the main characters and tells of how these clay dragons are real. Its a cool way of introducing and developing the characters.

Ice Fire (book 2) is when the story to this series begins to form.
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Enchanten | 52 andra recensioner | Mar 12, 2023 |



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