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Carole Nelson Douglas (1944–2021)

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Bestselling author Carole Nelson Douglas was born on November 5, 1944. She majored in theater and English literature in college and was an award-winning journalist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press until she moved to Texas in 1984, where she began writing fiction full time. She is the author of over visa mer fifty novels in genres including mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romance fiction. Douglas seeks to create strong female protagonists in her works and is best known for two popular series, the Irene Adler mysteries and the Midnight Louie mystery series. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Okay let me be fair here--the first...9 chapters are like listening to someone monologue their life. Its a bit repetitive, somewhat awkward and stiff, but interesting enough. Around Chapter 10 however, when Delilah lands herself in Las Vegas (for various reasons), it starts getting more interesting. We have much more interaction with people other then herself, the blossoming of her paranormal skills and heck its Las Vegas. That's interesting for me.

Unfortunately the narrative remains scattered and the plot keeps swerving back and forth. A lot is left to obvious plot devices to keep the 'action' moving and I swear to god if she had mentioned that she was vampire bait one more time I would have ax'ed her right then and there. In the span of one chapter she says it no less then six times, all variations on 'I have pale skin, black hair and vampires find me simply irresistible'. Well bully for you, but don't keep slapping us in the face with it.

What sucks though is I really like this premise, Delilah isn't so bad so long as she keeps her vampire bait comments to herself and the world itself is intriguing (if a little aimless). I came into the Delilah Street novels because of the short story from the anthology Unusual Suspects in which Delilah solves a CineSim 'murder'. That was so much fun! I'm starting to wonder though if perhaps the stories are better left as short fiction. Less cluttering of the narrative, less repetitious information. I mean I was a interested in the back story between the characters from the SS, but Carole managed to get the feel of the character across in way less space.

I am still intrigued by the set up and world, and thankfully I have book 2 awaiting me, but I'll have to think about wanting to read Book 3 (due out in the fall) if Book 2 doesn't pick up things and give it a firmer course.
… (mer)
lexilewords | 19 andra recensioner | Dec 28, 2023 |
Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler — working against each other or with each other?

Irene Adler and her companion, Nel Huxleigh, are visiting America, searching for her parentage. She has spent her life never having memories of her childhood or family. Nelly Bly, the American newswoman, had contacted Irene claiming she knew of Irene’s parentage.

Sherlock Holmes is visiting America and has been enlisted by William K. Vanderbilt to solve the mystery of the murdered man found on Vanderbilt’s billiard table. It’s to be done without police or publicity.

A lead that Irene and Nel are tracking is regarding Lola Montez and the Lady In Black. Are they one and the same? Both figures have racy pasts and royal connections and both with references that applied to Irene’s mother.

The trails Adler and Holmes are tracking cross with possible connections. The two are wary of each other due to previous dealings. Yet both recognize the abilities they share that could benefit their cases. There is also a possibility of attraction to each other.

Set in 1889 New York, it is a good visit to another time with some interesting characters and plots.
… (mer)
ChazziFrazz | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 21, 2023 |
Catherine_Dilts | 1 annan recension | Feb 25, 2022 |
This was a good mystery book, not the best one I have ever read but it kept me intrigued. I actually did like most of the characters, even if they were all sort of a trope and kind of weird. This book has a cat element that is clearly evident from the cover and the first pages. The problem was that the chapters that were narrated by the cat were not chapters I enjoyed very much. Luckily for me those chapters didn't come up very often but in a book that's kind of short I wanted to enjoy all of it. I really liked Detective Molina's character for some reason when she was first introduced, but as the game went on it seemed like all the other characters hated her. The main character even equated he to a Nazi once, which I did not like at all. I did like the setting for this book at a book publishers conference because I like book themes in books. Without giving anything away, I wasn't a big fan on how they wrapped up the mystery. It was one of those big reveal type situation but it felt to fast to me and I wasn't very satisfied. Overall with this book, I may pick up another in this series if I want something fun and easy to read, because I did find this book a fun and easy read, but the next book won't be high on my TBR list, and with all the other books I have to read, I know if I do read another book in this series it won't be soon. I would say if you're thinking of picking up this book, do so if you just want a fun mystery and maybe read something else if you want something with more depth.… (mer)
AKBouterse | 8 andra recensioner | Oct 14, 2021 |


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