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Gerald Durrell (1925–1995)

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Gerald Durrell was born on January 7, 1925 in Jamshedpur, India to British parents. After the death of his father in 1928, the family lived in England and Europe before settling in Corfu, where he spent much of his childhood. Educated by private tutors, he became interested in natural history and visa mer amassed a private collection of dozens of creatures from scorpions to owls. He went on numerous wildlife expeditions and founded the Jersey Zoological Park and the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust with the purpose of breeding endangered species. His first book, The Overloaded Ark, was published in 1953. He wrote 37 books during his lifetime including My Family and Other Animals, The Bafut Beagles, A Zoo in My Luggage, Rosy Is My Relative, and The Mockery Bird. He received the Order of the British Empire in 1982 and was featured in the United Nations' Roll of Honor for Environmental Achievement in 1988. He died from complications related to a liver transplant on January 30, 1995 at the age of 70. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Three Singles to Adventure (1954) 438 exemplar
The Stationary Ark (1976) 298 exemplar
The New Noah (1955) 218 exemplar
The Mockery Bird (1981) 174 exemplar
Beasts in My Bed (1967) — Footnotes — 154 exemplar
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Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Durrell, Gerald Malcolm
Jersey Zoo
Land (för karta)
England, UK
Jamshedpur, India
St Helier, Jersey, Bailiwick of Jersey
Jamshedpur, Bihar, India
Wickwood School
Durrell, Lawrence (brother)
Durrell, Margaret (sister)
Durrell, Jacquie (wife)
Durrell, Lee (2nd wife)
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Jersey Zoo, now renamed Durrell Wildlife
Priser och utmärkelser
Order of the British Empire (Officer)
Kort biografi
Gerald Durrell was born in India in 1925. His family settled on Corfu when Durrell was a boy and he spent his time studying its wildlife. He relates these experiences in the trilogy beginning with My Family and Other Animals, and continuing with Birds, Beasts and Relatives and The Garden of the Gods. In his books he writes with wry humour and great perception about both the humans and the animals he meets.

On leaving Corfu he returned to England to work on the staff of Whipsnade Park as a student keeper. His adventures there are told with characteristic energy in Beasts in My Belfry. A few years later, Durrell began organising his own animal-collecting expeditions. The first, to the Cameroons, was followed by expeditions to Paraguay, Argentina and Sierra Leone. He recounts these experiences in a number of books, including The Drunken Forest. Durrell also visited many countries while shooting various television series, including An Amateur Naturalist.

In 1958 Gerald Durrell realised a lifelong dream when he set up the Jersey Zoological Park, followed a few years later by the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust.

Rosy is My Relative, his first novel, was published in 1968. Whether in a factual account of an expedition or a work of non-fiction, Gerald Durrell's style is exuberant, passionate and acutely observed. Gerald Durrell died in 1995.




A Zoo in my Luggage is the story of naturalist Gerald Durrell's second animal-collecting venture to what were then called the British Cameroons. It is now an independent nation called Cameroon. The story is an excellent one, full of adventure and humour, and detailed and highly engaging tales of capturing animals and socializing with the natives.

The most memorable part of the book is not the animals, but the local headman, the Fon of Bafut. Readers of Durrell will remember the Fon from an earlier book The Bafut Beagles. The ruler of this area of north-west Cameroon is a wonderful figure. Did you know that much of our common knowledge about the Fon has been gleaned from Durrell's portraits of him? This Fon was named Achirimbi II. He was tall; erect of bearing, clad usually in yellow robes and a skull-cap, generally holding tight to a endless glass of scotch, and he is an aficianado of dancing, women, and booze. He had dozens of wives. He is a fascinating character, whose appearances in the book brighten the story immeasurably. There are Fons of Bafut to this day, although they wield less power, and act mainly as local magistrates and administrators under the central government of Cameroon.

Durrell's fame is at least partially because he excels at anthropomophizing the animals he collects. He gives them names, he describes the animals in hilarious anecdotes, and attributes to them quite human characteristics. In this book there are no lack of funny animals to delight the reader.

The book would have received five stars had it not been for the timely, but intolerable way of speaking of native Cameroonians? Camerooners? Google tells me that Cameroonian is the correct demonym. There is also something left to be desired in the unethical way in which Durrell simply marched in and captured wildlife. I do realize that this was the common way of speaking and acting in 1957, but it is off-putting.

The narrator, Rupert Degas, is excellent, and he does voices incredibly well.
… (mer)
ahef1963 | 14 andra recensioner | Nov 25, 2023 |
The humor here is incredibly dated and repetitive.
nog | 145 andra recensioner | Nov 20, 2023 |
The 3rd book in The Zoo Memoirs Trilogy, published in 1964, Durrell lets you in on what it was like, day-in and day-out, to work a private zoo, Managerie Manor, on Channel Isle in Jersey, and care for 500 to 600 animals. I'm surprised he found time to write so many books while running a zoo. Being a private zoo, the islanders provided great support with food, which was the greatest challenge. Grocers gave them faulty, but still good, fruits and vegetables. Farmers gave them their young bulls they culled, and others helped gather acorns and such from around. There were so many things to consider when working a zoo, like settling-in new animals so they weren't so fearful of the hand that fed them, watching for sudden illnesses and diseases, whether contracted from inside the zoo or if it arrived with the disease, of which antibiotics and vitamin B12 were most useful, administering first aid for broken bones, breeding (zoo marriages), and rounding up escaped animals. He gives examples of each of these in cute little stories, especially the introduction and marriage of the two gorillas, N'Pongo and Nandy.

His main goal, as a conservationist wanting to keep rare animals from becoming extinct, was to turn his private zoo into a scientific Trust, which he finally was successful after 22 years. He was able to get together a council of people on the Island to help raise the money for the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust and to support the zoo, now called Durrell Wildlife Park.
… (mer)
MissysBookshelf | 5 andra recensioner | Aug 27, 2023 |
This is the first in The Zoo Memoirs Trilogy by Gerald Durrell, originally published in 1960. The follow-up to A Zoo in My Luggage is “The Whispering Land”. I’m not sure if the publisher, Open Road Media, has thrown in another book as a selling point for it to be a Trilogy, but the third book is called “Menagerie Manor”.

Gerald Durrell (1925 - 1995) was born in India and grew up loving to study wildlife. His writing is very easy and his stories of the animals they collected over the years are quite humorous. I was just a little put off and couldn’t quite understand his use of native African dialogue at times.

You will find a photo of him, at age 10, all dressed up in his exploration garb at the back of the book, along with 13 other photos of himself throughout his life’s work.

He was a British naturalist, and I would say a writer and a little bit of an artist as well, whose main goal was to educate the people so they would have a better understanding and care for wild and nearly extinct animals. He had gathered animals in Bafut, Camaroon, Africa, before for other zoo owners, but now he wanted his own zoo. So, he headed back to Bafut with his wife, along with his secretary, Sophie, and another naturalist, Bob, and they stayed at the Fon of Bafut’s place, while he paid the local native hunters to gather wild and rare animals, birds, insects, and rodents. He accepted only about 10% of what they found, the rest were let lose back into the wild. He also paid the local native children daily to go out and hunt for snails, birds’ eggs, beetle larvae, grasshoppers, spiders, rats, etc…to feed his growing menagerie, which was around 250 by the time they left Africa and headed home with “a zoo in their luggage”.

The trials and hardships of them dealing with all of these animals makes for a great story. All of the thought that had to go into the daily feedings and cleanings, and the preparation for them to travel back to Bournemouth, England, with all those animals was quite remarkable. He had no place to put the animals so temporarily set them up in his sister’s backyard. He would later, in a stroke of luck, find the perfect place in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. Today, there is a bronze statue of Durrell that stands at the entrance to the Jersey Zoo, now called Durrell Wildlife Park.
… (mer)
MissysBookshelf | 14 andra recensioner | Aug 27, 2023 |


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