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This is a comic collection of short panel daily affirmations. This is another one of those where I think as one collection the book loses half of its meaning and is much better read a panel a day. It’s not so much funny as endearing with how the characters are reminded of each other through the day or how they let them know I’m thinking of them or lets them know that it’s OK to be grumpy because they are loved anyway. Overall, I think this is well done but I also think it’s too much of a good thing. I would rather read this in a daily comic then in a collection.… (mer)
LibrarianRyan | Jun 22, 2023 |
This short, relatable little memoir is focused on the struggles with anxiety and the tiny ways things can get better. I appreciated the author's ability to give voice to these deeply personal struggles in a way that makes a reader feel less alone. It's a quick read (I finished it in an afternoon), and I would recommend it to anyone who experiences anxiety and/or depression.
wagner.sarah35 | 23 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2022 |
I've been a huge fan of Beth Evans from instagram. Her comics give me hope, make me smile, and feel a little less alone. I was thrilled to see that she had published a book. It is so much like her comic online, but even more beautiful. I know she is going through some difficult times. I wish her the best and hope she finds something as comforting to her as her work is to me.
abigaillphillips | Nov 24, 2020 |
Real Rating: 2.5* of five

I confess: I added this because Rob, my Young Gentleman Caller, is having some issues that this book addresses. I'd hoped that it would offer some gentle guidance.

Was I ever misreading the room.

I got an angry blast for being condescending and insulting his taste, coupled with a scathing take-down of its wibbly wobbly thinking about what constitutes dating, when to get theraputic help, and deafening silence on some significant issues I'm sternly enjoined not to discuss at all in public. So not so much on the guidance, then.

What led to this problem for him is the author's "sappy" sentimentality, which I put down to the generational divide and my distaste for the entire "you go girl! you got this" cheerleading thing. It looks like that might be less generational than gender based...Rob's roommate rolled his eyes so hard he saw his brain, I was instructed to say since I introduced them to that phrase and they constantly seek opportunities to use it (to my ill-disguised pride).

It's too bad. I'd hoped for a net positive result. I can't give it the requested one star, though, because I'm utterly charmed by the artwork. (Another point where we differed, he hated it.) My point being, please exercise gender bias in making this purchase as a gift. While I didn't loathe it, two males in the target population who disagree on many, many aesthetic things united in their dislike for it.
… (mer)
richardderus | 23 andra recensioner | Jan 26, 2020 |


½ 3.5

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