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Thomas Fahy is an associate professor of English and director of the American Studies program at Long Island University-Post. He is the author of numerous books, including Staging Modern American Life: Popular Culture in the Experimental Theatre of Millay, Cummings, and Dos Passos and Freak Shows visa mer and the Modern American Imagination: Constructing the Damaged Body from Willa Gather to Truman Capote, and the editor of The Philosophy of Horror. visa färre

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This isn't my sort of book usually. I picked it up at the library for my son but I started reading it while in the drive through line at Popeye's and I finished it the next night. you don't spend much time getting to know the characters or getting a lot if background but still... I thought I was getting a Final Destination-esque story but that's not what this is. This is I Know What You Did Last Summer.
amoderndaybelle | 5 andra recensioner | May 27, 2021 |
Really good ideas, kept me interested, but plot holes and kinda meh writing make me disinterested in a sequel. Teens looking for a creepy horror read will enjoy this.
librarybrandy | 5 andra recensioner | Mar 31, 2013 |
This book caught my attention because of its’ cover. I was expecting something thrilling and maybe something with paranormal characteristics in the book.

I was wrong. What I thought was going to be a thrilling read turned about to be not so scary or thrilling at all. The writing style felt like you were reading a screenplay (or something close like it). The plot wasn’t too bad but it could have been better, and none of the characters really stood out for me.

One part I did not understand at all was the addition of the New Orleans voodoo thing. I thought to myself, hey this is going to get interesting. Nope. I don’t even know WHY it was added into the plot. Was it to deceive the reader into thinking voodoo was involved??? NOTHING was done with it and it turned out just to be a page filler.

When the big mystery was finally revealed, the ending was all right, but not the greatest and by that time I was rather disenchanted with the whole novel and I wanted it to be over and done with. It’s rather unfortunate but so much more could have been done with this plot and book but looked as if not much effort was put into it at all.

None of the characters really stood out for me. The romance between Emma and Jake wasn’t that great and I couldn’t really connect or have attachments to anyone. They were all cardboard like with barely any personality at all - although I’d have to say Jake was the one with the most personality at best.

Aside from the cover, this book could have been made into a movie and would have turned out much better. It’s a short book, so it can be read in one sitting (however because the plot was a bit slow to begin with it took me longer than usual). I would say pass this on unless you’ve no idea what to read next.
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sensitivemuse | 4 andra recensioner | Feb 28, 2012 |
Disappointing! I saw much potential here, but it was never fulfilled. This was something like Nightmare on Elm Street, but wasn't nearly as well executed. There were too many side characters who were just thrown into the plot. Who cared if Jennifer died? Well who was Jennifer? This book could have been so much better. The ending was terrible and left you mad that you wasted your time. Potential here, let's hope the author gets it together with the next book.
TFS93 | 4 andra recensioner | Feb 28, 2012 |



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