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Found: Children's SciFi set in Africa i Name that Book (november 5)


It was okay, but the ending wasn't too good.
eewatkins | 236 andra recensioner | Nov 7, 2023 |
Takes place in 2194. Includes interview with the author, glossary, further information on Zimbabwe.
VillageProject | 51 andra recensioner | Sep 21, 2023 |
4.5 stars
A satisfying sequel to House of the Scorpion. Both books ended with enough resolution for the story to be complete, but I really liked where she went with this follow-up. Like the first book, there's a lot to ponder, and there's much more focus on the eejits. Also like the first book, characters who make Mateo's life more complicated tend to get killed off. It's gratifying in a way (except with Mirasol-but I think that was convenient too-better that than a love triangle, though), but it also feels too easy. The flashlight killing Glasseye wasn't very convincing to me.

The appendix at the end is not to be missed-I had no idea how much of the novel was inspired by actual people, places and events.

If you listen to it on audio, there's a nice interview at the end between Nancy Farmer and the reader, Raul Esparza. The author seems like someone I'd like to have coffee with. In her home in Arizona. Because that would be cool.
… (mer)
Harks | 18 andra recensioner | Dec 17, 2022 |
Read this for the second time to review for a book club. This is one that I remember devouring a few years ago; it's one I recommend all the time to kids at the library.
And I had forgotten almost everything about it except that the main character is a clone. I don't even know if I need to hide that since it's established early in the book, but whatever.
The book held up. Did most of it on audio this time, and the reader was pretty good. This is a dystopia that has a lot going on and not just one flashy gimmick. I'm glad I got a review before reading [b:The Lord of Opium|17063696|The Lord of Opium (Matteo Alacran #2)|Nancy Farmer||23401811], and now I'll probably pick that up sooner than I would have otherwise. Definitely will keep recommending this.… (mer)
Harks | 236 andra recensioner | Dec 17, 2022 |



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