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Good, more of a 3.5 for me than a full 4.0
mrThisledr | Sep 21, 2023 |
Very instalove which I didn’t mind, but over all good. I enjoyed it alot
mrThisledr | Sep 21, 2023 |
Texting the Tattooist
Book 7 of Text Me You Love Me
By Flora Ferrar

236 pages
Currently on KU in the USA.
Publication date February 13th, 2023

This is an ARC review and may have spoilers. Please be careful.

Possible TW, Tropes, and Genres
Mature, Novella, Dual POV, Texting, Spicy, Romance, Instalove, Stand-alone, Age Gap (Older Man 40s / Younger Woman 19), Virgin, Boxing (spoken about), Mafia (spoken about), Cartel (spoken about), Pregnancy, Home Invasion, Dognapping (Dog in unharmed), Death of Parents (off page), Suicide (off page), Mental Health Issues (Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, Paranoia, Recluse, Possivle Manic/Mania Episodes on and off page, and possibly more), Poverty, Masturbation, Sexting, Contemporary Romance, HEA,

Spice, good.
I quite enjoyed the sexting bits, and that neither asked for sexually explicit pics/videos. They just let their written words and their imaginations do all the work. The word helm came up a lot, and I have to admit I laughed every time. Also, thank you author, for not doing the "I could feel her hymen break" stuff, when it came to physical sexual activities. That for me, is often weird and even off putting at times.

Characters, interesting.
I found Killian, 40, to be quite an interesting character, from boxer, dog lover to tattooist.
Mia, 19, was an interesting character. She dealt with her own mental health issues and that of her parents, all the while seeming to try and find that silver lining.

Plot, also quite interesting.
I would enjoy learning more about Killian's past. It is touched on here and there in this book, but one just about his past, and time in the ring would be interesting. I don't mind age gap romance, and while 40 and 19 is quite a gap, the bit of the story that was not wrapped around their instalove, didn't make a big deal out of the gap. Neither did the few other characters we come across in the story. There was an interesting bit of background stuff going on from Killian's past, which again, I think I would enjoy reading specifically about his past.. And the past of the characters we meet from his past.

There is quite a lot of talk about mental health issues. How it can hamper the characters day to day lives, and things that occurred in the past from this. I think overall the author handled this well, especially in an insta-love romance. I think it might be advantageous to add in some universal mental health information, phone numbers sites, etc.

Overall good.

4 / 5 stars
… (mer)
Destynnee | Feb 20, 2023 |



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