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Elizabeth Stamatina "Tina" Fey was born May 18, 1970. She is an American actress, comedian, writer and producer, known for her work on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live (SNL), the NBC comedy series 30 Rock, and films such as Mean Girls (2004), Baby Mama (2008), and Date Night (2010). visa mer Fey first broke into comedy as a featured player in the Chicago-based improvisational comedy group The Second City. She then joined SNL as a writer, later becoming head writer and a performer, known for her position as co-anchor in the Weekend Update segment. In 2004 she adapted the screenplay Mean Girls in which she also co-starred. After leaving SNL in 2006, she created the television series 30 Rock, a situation comedy loosely based on her experiences at SNL. In the series, Fey portrays the head writer of a fictional sketch comedy series. Fey has received seven Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Writers Guild of America Awards. In 2008, Fey was homored by the Associated Press, which gave her its AP Entertainer of the Year award for her satirical portrayal of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a guest appearance on SNL. In 2010, Fey was the recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the youngest-ever winner of the award. Fey enrolled at the University of Virginia, where she studied playwriting and acting. She graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama. She was born in Pensylvannia, in a town just west of Philadelphia. In June 2010, it was announced she would receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. Her title Bossypants made The New York Times Best Seller List for 2011. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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i don't want to compare tina fey to amy poehler - it's hard not to when they're friends and they do a lot of comedic things together - but i've come to the conclusion that i think i've known forever is that i enjoy amy poehler and her humor a lot more than tina fey's. i’ve been on a kick reading celebrity audiobook lately because i loooove listening to celebrities read their stories. and i'm still upset that britney spears didn't read her book. the pacing of this book is off and i just didn't care about her childhood. i was bored and couldn’t care less because it wasn’t exactly funny and i didn’t really care about her as a person enough to be like wow that is such an interesting story and this isn't tina fey's fault! i just learned while reading this that i just don't care about her.. BUT when we got to the sections in which she talked about SNL and 30 Rock, it got a lot better - BECAUSE I CARED ABOUT THESE THINGS. she can tell a joke, but overall her humor is not for me. the last half was definitely better than the first. i don’t regret reading it, but it just wasn’t as funny or enjoyable as i thought it was going to be… (mer)
Ellen-Simon | 519 andra recensioner | Jan 31, 2024 |
Once I got passed the cover, which I really disliked, I thought it was a light and enjoyable book.
The parts about her childhood felt particularly funny to me since we are the same age and grew up in the same general area. I especially loved her comments about watching the Love Boat while drinking cream soda from a champagne glass. I can't say I didn't do that type of thing myself(often while wearing my grandmother's mink stole! Really!)

She lost me a little on the working Mom stuff but that's only because I'm not a working Mom. I think it was funny but it didn't resonate as well with me as some of her other jokes.

Overall, good read.

(Also, I never even noticed that Tina Fey has a scar on her face and she opens the book with a story about it. The wonders of TV Makeup!)

… (mer)
hmonkeyreads | 519 andra recensioner | Jan 25, 2024 |
I read this book in its entirety in under 24 hours (AND I still managed to stick in sleep, work). This book is perfect for anyone who loves Tina Fey's sarcastic wit. It's an insanely fast read and it literally made me laugh out loud in spots. Granted, if you're not a Fey fan, you probably won't like the bulk of this book. It's no shock-and-awe campaign either; you won't find any secrets here. In essence, this book is exactly what I thought (and hoped) it would be: 290 pages of Feytastic wordage. Fey is quite the wordsmith - no surprise there - and she really can weave a story. Some chunks of the book are stuff you've probably already heard/seen/read - SNL sketch scripts, 30 Rock lines, etc. And if you get the Kindle version some of the graphics outside the regular text will be hard to read (unless I'm just a moron) - but I give this book 5 stars. Tina Fey is a smart and sassy woman, and her book is no different. I highly recommend it to fans of 30 Rock, SNL, and cake.… (mer)
b00kdarling87 | 519 andra recensioner | Jan 7, 2024 |
Obviously, I totally loved this. How can I not? Tina is the best.
LibrarianDest | 519 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |



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