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Alan Fletcher (1) (1931–2006)

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Picturing and Poeting (2006) 69 exemplar
Beware Wet Paint (1996) 41 exemplar
Anteaters to Zebras (2011) 11 exemplar, 1 recension
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I was captivated by this huge book when I found it in a bookshop. Now I'm not so sure. It looked like fabulous design and clearly it is the work of a fabulous designer. But I noticed some other reviewer referred to it as a kind of "Jackdaw collection of bits and pieces. And I agree. It really seems to me that the author has used this book as a way of publishing his scrapbooks where he's gathered together all sorts of trivia and interesting facts. The real issue for the reader his whether they are captivated by the same sort of trivia as the author. Now, confession time. I haven't actually sat down and read this giant tome from cover to cover. I suspect nobody does that. It's more like something that you "dip into". but that means that if there is a theme of structure, then it's not obvious,.But I found stuff there that really did interest me and the title gives it away aslightly: .....thbe art of looking sideways. That is looking at things in a different way to normal. I guess this is the true skill of the great designers and this is what is being fed to us here. I'm now in the position of having to downsize my library and this book is one of the casualties. Pity but I won't be re-reading it. It's actually a lovely design book with all sorts of curious and interesting material. I'm really sad that I will no longer have the time to read it or even to dip into it. I give it four stars.… (mer)
booktsunami | 11 andra recensioner | Jan 18, 2024 |
High-brow magic eye for "creative types." Chapters like imagination, ideas, inspiration. Some interesting things in here, like learning that anteaters don't dream, and other, pretty pedestrian stuff formatted to look like it's anything worthwhile. Paul McCartney wrote "Yellow Submarine" right before he went to bed, really, who would have guessed. I don't know. I feel like shit like this just flatters the idea that every one of us is a genius when really what it's doing is over-explaining the whole creative process and cramming a lot of out of context things into one feel good instant gratification coffee table book. It's like tumblr for grown-ups. It's a TED talk in print. I'm not trying to be overly cynical here; I think everyone has something of interest to do, make, or say. But that's only liberated through commitment and hard work and practice, not through catchphrases. Give me a 19th century tome on what-the-fuck ever over this garbage any day.… (mer)
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uncleflannery | 11 andra recensioner | May 16, 2020 |
"Words and pictures on how to make twinkles in the eye and colours agree in the dark. Thoughts on mindscaping, moonlighting and daydreams. Have you seen a purple cow? When less can be more than enough. The art of looking sideways. To gaze is to think. Are you left-eyed? Living out loud. Buy junk, sell antiques. The Golden Mean. Standing ideas on their heads. To look is to listen. Insight on the mind's eye. Every status has its symbol. 'Do androids dream of electric sheep?' Why feel blue? Triumphs of imagination such as the person you love is 72.8% water. Do not adjust your mind, there's a fault in reality. Teach yourself ignorance. The belly-button problem. Visual charades. What has an ox to do with the letter A? The art of looking sideways. How to turn knots into bows. When does 1 and 1 add up to 3? Why sit with your back to the view? Notes on the Blue Tit Syndrome, letterplay and visual puns. Patterns of chaos. Kissin' cousins to camp. Half a word is enough for a quick ear. Some people think computers can't. Civilization is chaos taking a rest. Too far east is west. Writing is the geometry of the soul. Why look at things upside down? Squaring the circle. 'If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.' The sympathy of things. How to think by jumping. Never wait for yourself. A word in your eye. The art of looking sideways. Beauty is a flavour of quark. Cerebral acrobatics. By the way, what's it like living with a paper bag over your head? Not referring to you of course - the uncommon exception to universal bondage."

Enough said.
… (mer)
Sylak | 11 andra recensioner | Jan 5, 2019 |
Feedback is a collection of recommended sites, restaurants, hotels, etc. suggested by the traveling architects, photographers, artists, and designers working with the Pentagram design collective. It was occasionally printed and distributed to Pentagram's clients. The 1996 edition was the 6th edition since they started in 1974.
greenefrog | Oct 10, 2018 |



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