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Ten Cents a Dance (2008) 310 exemplar
Tallulah Falls (2006) 85 exemplar


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Chicago, 1941. Ruby has problems with her mother, her sister, and her whole life in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. Ruby hates working in the meat-packing factory, and she desperately wants to catch the eye of cute 19-year-old Paulie. When Paulie sets her up as a "taxi-dancer," a girl who dances with men for 10 cents per dance, Ruby knows that her mother would kill her if she found out -- but Ruby thinks it's the only way to relieve the family's grinding poverty. Along the way, Ruby grows up fast: Men want more than a measly flirt for the good money they pay.

Ruby's struggles in Ten Cents a Dance could be the problems of any 15-year-old girl today, forced to help her family make ends meet. Ruby wants excitement, money, cute guys -- but she wants to be part of her family, too. And when her younger sister starts following in her footsteps, Ruby has to make some fast decisions.

Morals of the story? Growing up is tough and you'll make mistakes. Sometimes you trust the wrong people. But you know what? You'll get through it.
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FinallyJones | 23 andra recensioner | Nov 17, 2021 |
One aspect of a really good book is how well it weathers the passage of time. This was published fifteen years ago and feels quite relevant today. Readers liking a tale with lots of realism and grittiness, as well as those who relate to teens struggling to find their way and who are constantly demeaned for their decisions, will like/relate to this story. Plenty of sympathetic characters, both teen and adult in this one.
sennebec | 5 andra recensioner | Nov 6, 2021 |
One year in a girl's life in 1941 takes her from school, to meat-packing to taxi dancing and beyond. The story was fast-paced and fascinating. Ruby is a bit of a jerk, but she's a 16 year old in way over her head. It's a YA novel, so things get tied up a little too neatly, but it was a tasty and satisfying read.
cindywho | 23 andra recensioner | May 27, 2019 |
If you love reading an amazing book with an accurate historical twist then you will love this book. It has a storyline that is amazing and touching. The only thing I didn't care for is the ending. To me it could have ended better with more details but overall an amazing read.
southern_belle | 23 andra recensioner | Mar 6, 2016 |


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