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The God Machine (2010) 36 exemplar

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Art was cool, otherwise a sad JTHM ATTEMPT
Brian-B | 3 andra recensioner | Nov 30, 2022 |
This was a beautifully illustrated graphic novel. Heck I bought it just because I wanted to have unlimited time to oogle all the pretty pictures. The story was much weaker than I thought it would be. I didn't feel there was a real connection made between Guy (the main character) and his girlfriend. There just wasn't enough MEAT to this story to pair with the beautiful illustrations. I thought the story was slow going and then when I reached the end of the hardcover graphic novel that I bought - well lets say I was very upset that it wasn't the whole thing. I didn't realize that the whole story wasn't in there. Usually I buy graphic novels that are a complete edition - or ones I know have another volume coming out. When buying this one I didn't get the indication that it was a "to be continued". I don't like skipping to the end of the graphic book to check for such a thing but gosh perhaps I might have to next time.

Essentially - I liked it, but I regret buying it now because I won't be buying the next volume if there does happen to be one.
2.8 out of 5
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Pabkins | 3 andra recensioner | Jun 24, 2014 |
I stumbled upon this graphic novel while browsing the graphic novel section in Half Price Books. The absolutely stunning artwork on the cover grabbed my attention. When I pulled it down and paged through it I was hooked on the unique and fabulous art.

Guy Salvatore’s girlfriend has gone missing and is presumed dead. He is dwelling in a state of self pity and grief and manages to catch the attention of the Gods. Good God, Evil God, and Limbo God run things from a parallel realm and this boy is messes everything up when he sees them (humans aren’t supposed to be able to see the Gods). In the midst of much mayhem they try to figure out what the heck is going on here.

I cannot emphasise how stunning and beautiful the artwork is throughout this book. It is just wonderful. It’s done in a beautiful full array of colors and is just absolutely eye-catching...and at times a bit disturbing.

The story is decently done, but a bit ambiguous and scattered at times. It’s a very creative story but you have to really concentrate on what is happening to not get lost. The story bounces between Guy, the three Gods, and a number of Guy’s rather disturbing dreams.

It’s a fun and interesting read....and I just love, love love the artwork.

Overall this was a very good and interesting graphic novel. I enjoyed the artwork throughout a ton and though the story was very creative. The story is a bit ambiguous though and kind of jumps between different POVs, so you really need to concentrate on what’s going on. I enjoyed it alot and hope that Free writes future installments to the God Machine.
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krau0098 | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 24, 2013 |
This was very original but also very silly. The art was great except all the people were really skinny and I'm only attracted to big women so there was no eye-candy for me. I laughed a couple times but the book basically stops in the middle of the story so I'll probably never find out what happens in the end.
ragwaine | 3 andra recensioner | Jul 13, 2011 |


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