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What a great introduction to the life of Louis Braille. It quickly touches on the main points of his life and his great invention of braille. It did make me also want to learn more information about his invention and this great system that allows the blind to read/communicate. The illustrations will help young readers to picture the things that might be a bit foreign to them.
LectricLibrary | 5 andra recensioner | Feb 16, 2022 |
Thomas Alva Edison was a boy born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest child and he surprisingly, for me, was homeschooled, meaning that most of the education he received came from his parents. However, he stopped school when he reached twelve years old, first becoming a candy butcher. At fifteen, he was the apprentice of a telegraph operator and in 1868, he created the first vote recorder in Boston, however it was an unsuccessful attempt at it. Later on, Edison established a research laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. There, he developed many important inventions still used today such as the telephone. He created the phonograph and invented probably his most important and famous creation, the light bulb! In 1886, he moved out and formed a new facility in West Orange, New Jersey, 1886. He built and invented the kinetoscope, the dictating machine, and the storage battery. In Edison's later life, he had a peaceful living with his family and friends and sadly passed away on October 18, 1931.
Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this book! I knew that Edison was a very innovative inventor most famously creating the light bulb, but I learned much much more information on him that hadn't known before reading this book. The fact that he got out of school at the age of twelve and was able to get a job (even if it was just a candy butcher) is still astonishing to me even though I'm pretty sure back then school didn't require you to keep learning till you are 18 or so. Even more astounding, he became an apprentice at the age of fifteen which is younger than my third oldest brother (he's sixteen now). I really enjoy reading the "Who was" books because they're fun while still being nonfiction and they never disappoint!
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HSanPedro.ELA5 | 6 andra recensioner | Jan 14, 2020 |
This book is written from the view of an elementary student retelling the life of her favorite artist, Frida Kahlo. Frida grew up in Mexico and became ill as a child. When Frida was 18 and bedridden, her mother gave her paints and brushes. A mirror was taped to the top of her bed which allowed Frida to paint self portraits. Frida later consulted with and married the artist Diego Rivera. Together the two traveled and painted internationally. Frida and Diego eventually moved back home to Mexico. There, Frida was honored with her own show, but was too sick to walk. Frida was actually carried down in her bed for the exhibit. Frida died at the age of 47, but her artwork is still enjoyed by many today!
I got so much out of reading this book! First off, I love that the book tells Frida's life through the point of view of an elementary student! This made the book real easy and fun to read. I also think this book would be a good art supplement because it already features so much of Frida's work. A fun class idea would be to have students make their own Frida inspired journal entry like the one on page 28.
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vviverito | 9 andra recensioner | Oct 15, 2019 |



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