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Teresa Frohock

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Reidsville, North Carolina, USA
Weronika Janczuk, D4EO Literary Agency
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Raised in a small town, Teresa Frohock learned to escape to other worlds through the fiction collection of her local library. She eventually moved away from Reidsville and lived in Virginia and South Carolina before returning to North Carolina, where she currently resides with her husband and daughter.

Teresa has long been accused of telling stories, which is a southern colloquialism for lying. Miserere: An Autumn Tale is her debut novel.



Real Rating: 4.75* of five

Novellas on a single strand of a larger supernatural story-verse that is parallel to the Spanish Civil War. I didn't expect to get so hooked so fast. The MCs are a gay couple in a homophobic culture but are also protected, in a very real way, by the example of The Big Boss of their Scooby group, Los Nefilim. He trusts and loves them as the people they are. His example affords them sanctuary but the undercurrents of past troubles in even his loving acceptance makes the ground feel shaky sometimes.

All of these things twine their way around the action of the story in a very real-feeling way... it's a good trick to make the world feel precarious for the men doing their best to overcome their own traumas while making a difference in the world as we the readers are just learning that it is.

The novellas trace the roots of the Spanish Civil War to civil war in the supernatural realms. It's complex and the author tosses you right in and expects you to figure it out. I like in medias res as a technique but be forewarned that you need to put in the effort to follow where Author Frohock leads.

It's totally worth your eyeblinks and your gold. Diago, Miquel, and young Rafael are a family we really want to see thrive... and there is nothing wasted in the world-building. That's a hint for you to pay attention to the details... they will pay off. On to the first novel in the series!
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richardderus | 3 andra recensioner | May 14, 2023 |
Pros: complex worldbuilding, wonderful family relationships, interesting characters


It’s 1943 and the Nazi’s have occupied France. Los Nefilim lost the Spanish civil war and are helping with the French resistance. Diago is acting as a double agent with his daimon-kin and running several lines of spies. Ysabel is sent to retrieve important manuscript pages that carry parts of a spell that will help the allies in their planned invasion. Meanwhile Guillermo’s brother is consolidating his power as the new leader of Die Nefilim.

It’s a slow-burn spy novel that gives each character several unforseen twists to their story.

The background is complex and there is some terminology you need to learn (there’s a glossary at the back to help you out). The books deal with angels, daimons, and nefilim (or nephilim) the offspring of humans and angels/daimons.

While there are some disturbing scenes, they’re short and important to the story, like Nico’s time at a concentration camp.

It feels rare to see loving relationships in SF/F so to get two in this series was wonderful. Diago and Miquel have something special. They’re such good parents and handle the trials they’re dealt with love and compassion. Similarly Guillermo and Juanita also have a great relationship, and have raised Ysabel to be a good leader. Having the kids reflect on what their parents taught them about handling fear and acting calm under pressure was really cool.

This is a great series. It can be hard to take all at once (there’s one off page rape that’s central to the story and several on page scenes of torture), but it’s also got some brilliant family love (both straight and queer). If you’re looking for strong relationships and interesting spy stories in a historical setting, pick these up.
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Strider66 | 1 annan recension | Jun 14, 2022 |
A Song with Teeth is a fantastic conclusion to Frohock's unique historical fantasy series about angels, demons, magic, music, and war. The novellas and novels because in the 1930s with the Spanish Civil War, and this book takes us into World War II in the year 1944. The tone is gothic, moody, but still full of love and hope, though in this book, things are especially dire.
ladycato | 1 annan recension | Dec 18, 2021 |
Pros: interesting characters, tense, fast paced

Cons: scenes of torture some may find disturbing

It is 1939 and the Spanish Civil War has gone poorly for the Republicans, backed by los Nefilim. With his wife and daughter, heir to his crown, sent to Paris in advance, Don Guillarmo is pursued by Nationalist forces while crossing the Pyrenees. A betrayal alerts him to the existence of a pocket realm where his brother Jordi, backing the Nationalists, is helping the Germans plan an invasion of France.

While this is technically the second in a trilogy (following 3 novellas), the book is designed to stand on its own. There’s enough background information to jump in here, but I do feel you won’t get the same emotional kick if you aren’t aware of the relationship between Diego, Miquel and Raphael.

The book cleverly ties the Nefilim (offspring of angels and demons) into the history of the Spanish Civil War and the coming second world war. There’s a bibliography at the back of the book that shows the author’s done their research regarding the period and how LGBT characters fit in historically, while also allowing readers to expand their own knowledge if they’d like to learn more.

The book gets very tense at times, with depictions of torture. Though horrible things happen, it never felt gratuitous. The story is fast paced, with several point of view characters, so the horror is never overpowering.

The book really shines with its family relationships. The love Diego and Miquel have for each other, and their desire to help each other through difficult circumstances shines through. I also liked seeing Raphael become a young man, making mistakes and learning hard lessons.

The Grigori was horrifying and I can’t wait to learn more about it and the other fallen angels.

I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to the final volume.
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Strider66 | 2 andra recensioner | Apr 6, 2021 |


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