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The Wonder of Charlie Anne (2010) 276 exemplar
Beholding Bee (2013) 179 exemplar
Tending to Grace (2004) 167 exemplar
Chasing Augustus (2017) 51 exemplar
Chasing Augustus (2017) 7 exemplar


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Foster, RI, USA



This is the story of an orphan girl named Bee who lives with a traveling carnival. It's set during WWII, but all the action is in small town America. Bee has a large birthmark on her face which attracts unwanted attention and bullying. When the story begins her only friend is Pauline, the young woman who has taken care of Bee since her parents died.

Bee narrates the story with a calm and steady fortitude that only rarely dissolves into sadness. Her voice was at times charming, soothing, and a bit stiff to me. It's difficult to describe, but I think some examples will do. She often speaks in precepts:

"When you are sleeping in the back of a hauling truck you do not want anybody coming in and bothering you."
"Generally, it is not a good idea to fret too long over things like ladies who disappear."
"As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to think about other things when you are bothered."
"Generally, when you find yourself in a bad situation it is a good idea not to make it worse."

Right from the beginning, Bee tells us why she has so many adages to live by: "When you have a diamond on your face, you have rules about things."

The story takes a turn when Bee decides to leave the dull and difficult carnival life to find a new home for herself, her dog, Peabody, and her favorite pig, Cordelia. She is guided by a woman in an orange floppy hat, who, Bee realizes, is only visible to Bee and Peabody. As is almost always the case in stories such as these, Bee discovers strength and confidence she didn't know she had. (Interestingly, she turns into a bit of a bully herself when given the chance to get back at one of her tormenters.)

Besides the obvious theme of thriving despite your hardships, there were also themes of acknowledging the hardships of others, making your own family, and discovering your past. This book stands out from other "triumphing over adversity" stories and "non-traditional family" stories because of the magical realism elements and the distinctness of Bee's voice. The plot sort of ambles but the mystery of the lady in the orange floppy hat should keep readers turning the pages.
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LibrarianDest | 14 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |
middlegrade fiction; being teased at school for very visible birthmark having ghost friends that no one else can see historic fiction (ww2 era).
reader1009 | 14 andra recensioner | Jul 3, 2021 |
During the Great Depression, Charlie Anne's widower father leaves home to go build roads with the CCC, leaving his children in the care of a distant cousin, Mirabel who is a fierce task-master. Their neighbor, Old Mr. Jolly, a childless widower, leaves for bit and returns home with a radically modern new wife, and an adopted daughter, just Charlie Anne's age, Phoebe, who is black.
Charlie Anne and Phoebe quickly become fast friends, much to Mirabel's chagrin. Almost no-one in the small town are happy to see Phoebe being treated as a family member by the Jolly's, but this being a YA novel, you know that things are likely going to turn around and be good in the end. That's one of the things I like about YA novels.
Generally, the most sympathetic character in a book told in first person is the narrator, but Charlie Anne is sometimes kind and likable, but sometimes head-strong, ornery and occasionally a bit mean. Little sister, Birdy, and Phoebe are the more sympathetic characters. But of course, deep down, Charlie Anne is good, and learns a handful of lessons herself during the course of the book.
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fingerpost | 7 andra recensioner | Aug 19, 2018 |


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