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Inkluderar namnen: Yvonne Gilbert, Ann Yvonne Gilbert

Inkluderar även: Yvonne Gilbert (1)


(eng) Please distinguish between:

Anne Yvonne Gilbert (a/k/a Yvonne Gilbert; born in Northumberland, England, UK, in about 1952), the British / Canadian artist and illustrator; and

Yvonne Gilbert (born Dolores Yvonne Kauffman-Hogan, January 11, 1933 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA), the American film and play writer, director, producer and actress.

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Allmänna fakta

Andra namn
Gilbert, Anne Yvonne
Land (för karta)
Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, England, UK
Northumberland, England, UK
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Newcastle College of Art
Liverpool College of Art
book illustrator
Priser och utmärkelser
"Il Franco Bollo díor" (The Golden Stamp Award, 1985)
"Gran Premio del'Arte Filatelica" (The World’s Most Beautiful Stamp)
Kort biografi
One of the most prolific and acclaimed illustrators practicing today, Yvonne Gilbert’s work runs the gamut from children’s book illustrations and postage stamps to posters and record sleeves. The richness of her imagination reflects her lifelong research and interest in the quality of materials and surfaces, from the familiar glint of an embroidered cloak to the soft, unblemished skin of an infant. Her exceptional sense of composition and design, together with her attention to proportion and detail, results in truly sumptuous visual representations of both real and imaginary worlds.

Born and raised in Northumberland, England, Yvonne Gilbert studied at Newcastle College of Art and Liverpool College of Art. After lecturing full-time for 5 years Yvonne became a free-lance illustrator in 1978 since when she has worked with many of the major publishing houses and design-groups worldwide. Yvonne Gilbert now lives in Toronto, Canada.

Yvonne has designed and illustrated many books including The Iron Wolf by Richard Adams, Goodnight, My Angel by Billy Joel, The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Anderson and more recently contributed to Wizardology, Pirateology and Spyology for Templar Publishing. She has designed and illustrated 3 sets of stamps for the Royal Mail, her 1984 Nativity winning both the "Il Franco Bollo díor" (The Golden Stamp Award) and the "Gran Premio del'Arte Filatelica" (The World’s Most Beautiful Stamp). Yvonne’s provocative and innovative record sleeve for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax was recently chosen by Q magazine to be one of "the 100 Best Record Sleeves of All Time" and termed a "Design Classic" by BBC Television.

Yvonne’s work has won many major national and international awards and her originals sell in galleries both in the UK and the USA. Her work is held in private collections including those of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret, Larry and Barbara Seeborg and Monica Seeborg. Her website ( http://www.yvonnegilbert.com ) showcases a small sample of her work, prints of which are for sale.
Please distinguish between:

Anne Yvonne Gilbert (a/k/a Yvonne Gilbert; born in Northumberland, England, UK, in about 1952), the British / Canadian artist and illustrator; and

Yvonne Gilbert (born Dolores Yvonne Kauffman-Hogan, January 11, 1933 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA), the American film and play writer, director, producer and actress.



family story - told be a canoe
melodyreads | May 28, 2022 |
Heartwarming, fresh, amazing story

A perfect companion to Between the Lines. Imaginative, clever, and spot on. Lost sleep to stay in this story to the end.
JoniMFisher | Sep 19, 2019 |
This is a beautiful picture book about the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour. It starts with the angel telling Mary she will give birth to the son of God and continues through the birth. It also includes the story of the Wisemen meeting with King Herod, their dream after seeing Jesus and the escape to Egypt of the Holy Family. A complete telling of the story from the gospels. The illustrations are very lifelike, including the angels and that really adds to the book. A book to be in every Christmas library at home and in public.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
… (mer)
Carlathelibrarian | Feb 5, 2019 |


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