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Modern Theosophy is the body of teachings about the creation of the world and the evoluton of humankind first formulated by the Russian linguist and clairvoyant Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in the late ninteenth century. The movement which she founded in New York City in 1875 went back to the neo-pPlatonist philosophers of Alexandria in the first two centuries after Christ for its name and aims.

Theosophy seeks the universal truth buried at the heart of al the great traditions. It introduced to the west the ageless wisdom of the east, as well as the lost traditions of Egypt and Greece, and the esoteric knowledge of the early Chirstians. It holds that this knowledge has been handed down from master to pupil from time immemorial and is accessible to all who seek it. While the cumulative testimony of generations of seers form a secret doctrine, a body of mystery teachings known only to the advanced few, Adepts appear in each generations to reveal glimpses of the universal plan and the possibilities of human development.

The theosophical perspective has much in common with the New Age. Since the founding of the movement, many of its ideas have been expressed by transpersonal psychologist from Jung onwards, by physicists, biologists, spiritual healers and other truth-seeking groups all working towards a holistic view of the universe. Modern Theosophy is thus a dynamic syntheses of the essential truths of religion, science and philosophy-a spiritual science for today.

The Hidden Wisdom Library guides the reader along the secret mystical paths of the West into the profoundest depths of the collective imagination. Each volume is an authoritative and illuminating introduction to a different aspect of the Western esoteric tradition. Illustrated with a combination of religious art and modern imagery, the series forms a fascinating and inspiring visual ilbrary.

Cherry Gilchirst has written many books including Divination-the Search for Meaning, the Circle of Nine-Understanding the Feminine Psyche, and Alchemy-The Great Work.

'There is no Religion higher than truth.'

Encompassing al the great religions and philosophies of mankind, modern Theosophy is the light that shines through the many-colored lamp of religion. Its truths are based on the testimony of countless generations of initiated seers-handed down from generation to generation-affirming the possibility of direct knowledge of 'things divine and eternal.'

The Hidden Wisdom Library provides beautifully illustrated, readable introductions to the esoteric mystical traditions of the ages.


The birth of theosophy
Cycles of creation
Human destiny
The hidden masters
Subtle bodies
Theosophy today
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AikiBib | May 29, 2022 |
Il "Diario" di Anna Frank viene tradotto negli Stati Uniti nel 1952, dove è accompagnato da una prefazione di Eleanor Roosevelt, vedova del presidente scomparso nel 1947. Le entusiastiche accoglienze critiche spingono un uomo di teatro, Meyer Levin, a proporre a Otto Frank un adattamento teatrale. Il padre di Anna finisce per accettare proprio a seguito delle insistenze di Eleanor, che lo convince dell'opportunità di far conoscere il testo anche attraverso il teatro e il cinema. Occorreranno tuttavia altri tre anni prima che il "Diario" venga affidato alla penna di due drammaturghi, Albert Hackett e Frances Goodrich. Un adattamento teatrale rappresentato ininterrotamente da quarant'anni sui palcoscenici di tutto il mondo. (fonte: Ibs)… (mer)
MemorialeSardoShoah | 3 andra recensioner | Apr 30, 2020 |
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We have all heard about or read this book. I remember reading it in high-school as a project. And since I never had written a proper book review, I decided to read it again.

I went to the library, and they only had the short Penguin version, with the most important diary entries of Anne Frank. It is only 65 pages. So, I decided to also grab another book – The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer, so I can write a full overview.

This is a diary of a young girl, and she was writing these stories during two years of hiding. Anne Frank and her family are Jews and they live in The Netherlands. After the Germans invade, many people are captured and go to designated camps. A few manage to escape and go into hiding. Anne’s family hides in her father’s office.

If you are reading this diary, without knowing anything about history – this could be a happy story. These diary entries are filled with love and hope, dreams of a young girl, beliefs, opinions, descriptions of her first crush and planning a future.

But this is not a happy story. This girl doesn’t get the chance to grow up. This girl doesn’t get the chance to experience freedom, and live to get to know her grandchildren. This is a sad story of not just Anne Frank, but all these people that have gone through that painful journey.

While this book deserves to be read by every person, and this history needs to keep being told many years after us, I feel the need to make a proper book review.

This is not a well-written book, with a great plot and amazing description. So based on that, this doesn’t stand up to the standards. But this book has a meaning that makes up for all the amateur writing. After all, this was a teenager writing it, without even knowing this will someday be shared with the world.

To all of you that haven’t read it yet – I highly recommend it. If you don’t want to go with the long version, read the short Penguin one, like I did.

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InnahLovesYou | 3 andra recensioner | Apr 18, 2019 |



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