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I enjoyed the book “The Storyteller’s Candle” by Lucia Gonzales for a lot of reasons. First, this book is about a day in which the two kids in the text can offer a relation to in the Mexican and Christian culture. The book is in regards to Three King’s Day which is to honor the three wise men who gave gifts to Jesus Christ. The book was fun to read because it allows room for perspective and growth. It can have kids wonder what three king’s day is, how could some classmates in their class inform them about it more, and the significance of its celebration. It is possible for students to connect especially if they were raised in this culture and they could speak on how they are familiar with this or differences there are between the authors family and theirs. This book is a good book to have in the classroom for purposes of exposure and culture accessibility. Overall, I believe that this book does a great job of creating growth for children in an aspect not only to language, but culture as well.… (mer)
kisabe1 | 25 andra recensioner | Apr 15, 2019 |
this is a very interesting dual language book, it is a book written in both English and Spanish. it is a story about 2 children that want to go to the library but their titi (aunt) Maria says the books are only in English. then Pura Belpre invites them to the library and she shares traditional folktales with them, included is Belpre's own story about a cockroach and a mouse. Students can observe the social gatherings and the interactions among the people in this book to understand their culture.

extra note: I think its really cool how the book includes actual newspaper stories from the 1930s.
… (mer)
DaylanDornak | 25 andra recensioner | Mar 18, 2019 |
This is a book about Puerto Rica Immigrants in New York City. Folks are homesick. At school the children hear a presentation by Pura Belpré, a librarian, who shares traditional folktales with the children--included is Belpre's own story about a cockroach and a mouse. Also, the artwork includes actual newspaper stories from the 1930s.
StacyWright | 25 andra recensioner | Jul 21, 2017 |
A bilingual picture book that tells the story of New York's first Latina librarian: Pura Belpre.
edwardcandler | 25 andra recensioner | Apr 8, 2017 |



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