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Theodore W. Goossen

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Goossen, Jeananne (daughter)



The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories i Japanese Literature (november 2013)


mixed bag, feel like some of the translations have a lot to be desired but the first story especially was very emotional. interesting overall
sn_fk_n | 3 andra recensioner | May 15, 2022 |
A glorious anthology of stories, poems and non-fiction from a selection of famous and lesser-known Japanese writers (and some non-Japanese authors, too), mostly based around the theme of travel. I suspect this would be even better in a physical copy, with its stunning artwork and just a feeling that this is something to return to again and again, to pick a favourite story or picture and just revel in it.

Top marks to Monkey for this, their 2nd annual collection. I'm already chomping at the bit for next year's. 4.5 stars in ebook format, and because this is probably my last review of 2021, let's go out with a bang and give it 5 stars. A must-read, and must-have, for anyone with an interest in Japanese literature and culture.… (mer)
Alan.M | Dec 30, 2021 |
As the editor of this collection notes regarding Mishima's images- they could be bloody and disturbing or they could be delicate and nuanced. It's this odd juxtaposition that partly attracts me to Japanese literature. Added to that, no doubt some sense of 'exoticism' and a sense of the uncanny which comes to fruition in Murakami. This is a varied collection from the modern era with a good representation of women writers. Some authors were familiar while others were entirely unknown to me but just as impressive as the Tanazakis and Dazais. I hadn't read Akutagawa's 'In A Grove' and was amazed at how expertly balanced were his accounts from different points-of-view of the murder. There are too many stories to choose favourites from but I enjoyed Abe's Kafkaesque 'The Bet' and Mishima's delicate portrait of the Kabuki Theatre and the affections and machinations of its occupants. Several stories encouraged me to look up their authors: Enchi's 'Flower-Eating Crone' was intriguing while Higuchi's 'Separate Ways', while one of the older pieces was moving and vivid in a poignant story of diverging fates. 'Desert Dolphin' was a post-modern take on two angels descending to earth and was highly stimulating and unpredictable. Less interesting but still pleasant to read were Yoshimoto and Tsushima. I've only read a couple of Yoshimoto stories but it seems to me she's not too substantial while Tsushima kind of promises more than she delivers here. Despite that this is a very good introduction for the newbie to Japanese lit.… (mer)
Kevinred | 3 andra recensioner | Oct 17, 2021 |
This beefy periodical is worth the Kindle Edition price. I only wish the printed copies weren't so scarce. Tending toward experimental writing, it offers enough solid storytelling to appeal to most adventurous readers. As soon as I get my hands on the other volumes I plan to cherish them all.

In this volume you will find a charming essay from Haruki Murakami.
A sublime ghost story from Mieko Kawakami.
A fun story from Hiromi Kawakami.

Random poems and interesting tidbits from Kelly Link, Charles Simic, Stuart Dybek and others. I'm not a fan of Toh EnJoe, Gen'ichiro Takahashi, or Hideo Furukawa, but they are crossing the translational divide, and slowly but surely on their way to becoming popular.
This and the other several volumes are the first place to look if you're constantly trying to find new translations of these authors.
… (mer)
LSPopovich | Apr 8, 2020 |


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Associerade författare

Motoyuki Shibata Translator, Editor
Haruki Murakami Contributor
Natsume Sōseki Contributor
Atsushi Nakajima Contributor
Kajii/Motojiro Contributor
Kōno Taeko Contributor
Kafu Nagai Contributor
Kenji Miyazawa Contributor
Doppo Kunikida Contributor
Hideo Furukawa Contributor, Author
Takeshi Kaiko Contributor
Ogai Mori Contributor
Yasunari Kawabata Contributor
Naoya Shiga Contributor
Yūko Tsushima Contributor
Taiko Hirabayashi Contributor
Kanoko Okamoto Contributor
Ton Satomi Contributor
Fumiko Hayashi Contributor
Ichiyō Higuchi Contributor
Ango Sakaguchi Contributor
Nobuo Kojima Contributor
Yukio Mishima Contributor
Riichi Yokomitsu Contributor
Yasushi Inoue Contributor
Fumiko Enchi Contributor
Masuji Ibuse Contributor
Osamu Dazai Contributor
Masahiko Shimada Contributor
Kōbō Abe Contributor
Shūsaku Endō Contributor
Kuniko Mukoda Contributor
Banana Yoshimoto Contributor
Kenzaburō Ōe Contributor
Sachiko Kishimoto Contributor
Hiromi Kawakami Contributor
Jay Rubin Translator
Michael Emmerich Translator
David Boyd Translator
Mieko Kawakami Contributor
由尾 瞳 Translator
Toh Enjoe Contributor
Keita Jin Contributor
Paul Warham Translator
Taki Monma Contributor
Aoko Matsuda Contributor
Hiromi Ito Contributor
Jeffrey Angles Translator
Satoshi Kitamura Contributor
Barry Yourgrau Contributor
Masatsugu Ono Contributor
Makoto Takayanagi Contributor
Yoko Hayasuke Contributor
Laird Hunt Contributor
Matthew Sharpe Contributor
Stuart Dybek Contributor
Brian Evenson Contributor
Steve Erickson Contributor
Kelly Link Contributor
Mina Ishikawa Contributor
Tomoka Shibasaki Contributor
Hiroko Oyamada Contributor
Yoko Ogawa Contributor
Kōji Uno Contributor
M. Cody Poulton Translator
Yoko Ogawa Contributor
Inuo Taguchi Contributor
Masayo Koike Contributor
Shion Mizuhara Contributor
小澤 實 Contributor
Ben Katchor Contributor
Rebecca Brown Contributor
Eric McCormack Contributor
Kevin Brockmeier Contributor
Christopher Lowy Translator
Andrew Cowan Contributor
Rampo Edogawa Contributor
Sam Bett Translator
Helen Guri Contributor
牧野 信一 Contributor
Craft Ebbing & Co. Contributor
Richard Powers Contributor
Masafumi Sakamoto Photographer
Roger Pulvers Translator
David Peace Contributor
Terry Gallagher Translator
内田 百けん Contributor
Fumiko Takano Contributor
Denis Johnson Contributor
H. B. Paul Translator
Naoyuki Ii Contributor
Masaya Nakahara Contributor
Linh Dinh Contributor
Kenji Ozawa Contributor
Naoko Kudo Contributor
Shinichi Hoshi Contributor
Jason Hrivnak Contributor
Takayanagi Makoto Contributor


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½ 3.6

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