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Inkluderar namnet: John Gorrie

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Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror [TV serial] (2013) — Regissör — 40 exemplar, 1 recension
Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus [DVD] (2010) — Director — 37 exemplar, 1 recension
The Oscar Wilde Collection [BBC Play of the Month series] (2002) — Director — 25 exemplar, 1 recension
Rumpole of the Bailey: Set 3 (Seasons 5-7) (2005) — Regissör — 21 exemplar
Edward the King [1975 TV mini series] (2003) — Regissör — 14 exemplar, 2 recensioner
P.D. James: The Essential Collection (9 Mystery Videos) (2005) — Regissör — 14 exemplar
Lillie [1978 TV mini series] (2000) — Regissör — 11 exemplar
Twelfth Night (BBC TV Shakespeare Collection) (1980) — Director — 10 exemplar
Shroud for a Nightingale [1984 TV mini-series] (1984) — Regissör — 9 exemplar
The Tempest (BBC TV Shakespeare Collection) — Regissör — 6 exemplar, 1 recension
P.D. James: The Essential Collection (8 Mystery Videos) (2003) — Regissör — 5 exemplar
Cause Celebre [1987 film] (2003) — Regissör — 2 exemplar
Edward the King, Vol. 1 — Regissör — 1 exemplar
Edward the King, Vol. 3 — Regissör — 1 exemplar
Edward the King, Vol. 2 — Regissör — 1 exemplar


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The life of Edward VII (1841 - 1910), the King of the United Kingdom. Before becoming the King, he developed a reputation of a playboy, which angered his mother, Queen Victoria. He was a reformer and modernizer, but also an elitist. (fonte: Imdb)
MemorialeSardoShoah | 1 annan recension | Apr 22, 2024 |
È una serie storico-biografica incentrata sulla vita di Edoardo VII del Regno Unito (1841–1910)
MemorialSardoShoahDL | 1 annan recension | Jul 24, 2019 |
A well-meaning mad scientist forces the Doctor's companions to retrieve four "keys" which he's hidden around his world.

Possibly the worst story I've seen yet from Doctor Who outside of the 1980s. There's a bonus feature on the DVD which basically consists of the set designer apologizing for ten minutes about how bad this story is. (He also happens to mention some evidence of how appallingly clueless both the writer and director were.) It doesn't help any that the Doctor's only in three of the six episodes (with no explanation as to why, naturally - Terry Nation doesn't go in for that whole "making sense" thing).

Concept: C
Story: F
Characters: D
Dialog: C
Pacing: D
Cinematography: C
Special effects/design: F
Acting: D
Music: D

Enjoyment: D

GPA: 1.1/4
… (mer)
comfypants | Feb 12, 2016 |
The French Revolutionary government imprisons the Doctor's friends.

Extremely boring. The two animated episodes are nearly unwatchable.

Concept: C
Story: D
Characters: D
Dialog: D
Pacing: F
Cinematography: F
Special effects/design: D
Acting: D
Music: C

Enjoyment: D

GPA: 1.0/4
comfypants | Nov 23, 2015 |

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