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I love Aarya. She is feisty and funny. She kept me entertained with all of the food nicknames she called Alex. Although, he kind of had it coming as his real nickname is "Krum Cake". To be honest, after reading this book, I probably won't be able to look at another Krum Cake, Pop Tart, Twinkie, Apple Pie, Cupcake, etc. again without thinking of Alex.

This is a slow burn romance but so worth the wait. Aarya did her best to tempt Alex. Yet, there is only so much time that a guy can hold out until he gives into temptation. The wait made the steamy scenes that much better. These two are great.… (mer)
Cherylk | Mar 17, 2024 |
I loved the way this book approached the serious topics and trauma that the characters have gone through. It was honest and didn't shy away from the realities of the two main character's situations and managed to do that without feeling like the author was making the characters suffer just for the sake of the plot which I really appreciated and respected as someone who primarily enjoys a fluffier read.

I thought TJ especially was handled really well, it would've been easy to completely remove him from his past and act like he was a perfect person that had somehow magically beat the life-long issue of being an addict. It was especially nice that Kristen didn't make Carla some magical cure for TJ's trauma but rather she helped him continue to address and work towards coming to terms with his past and the choices he made because of that.

Carla, for her age, seemed mature and had a great head on her shoulders and I loved watching her fully embracing her Plan B and I thought her journey was super believable! TJ was a soft place for her land as well as being willing to push her out of her comfort zone.

Aside from how much I enjoyed the romance I also loved the platonic relationships as well, especially between the women, I love any book that places some importance on friendship, and it was especially appreciated here.

I definitely recommend this book but I would double-check any potential trigger warnings to make sure you're in the right headspace before picking this up! Kristen handled the darker topics very well but the chapters about TJ's past in particular can be pretty graphic (but I think is a very realistic take on hitting rock bottom).
… (mer)
starbaker | Jan 2, 2024 |
I absolutely loved this book. I started and finished it in one day. The dynamics between Kourtney aka Kourt, Jason, and Celeste is great. There were no awkward moments between them. It just felt natural, and I embraced it all and loved it.

Kourt and Celeste together was different in the way that Kourt and Jason were together. Same as when all three were together. Like eating Napoleon ice cream. Each flavor is good on its own but when you get a mouthful of all three flavors it is so tasty.

I look forward to reading more FF/FFM books from Kristen. You scored an amazing winner with this book!
… (mer)
Cherylk | Oct 2, 2023 |



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