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Charles Grayson was himself a short story writer, as well as editor. Among his anthologies are The Fourth Round and The Golden Argosy. His work appeared often in Esquire.

(eng) Charles Grayson, often teaming with Van H. Cartmell as an editor, is not the same as Dr. Charles E. Grayson, who wrote a book about archery.

Verk av Charles Grayson

Stories for Men (1938) — Redaktör — 34 exemplar
New Stories for Men (1941) — Redaktör — 13 exemplar
Arena 2 exemplar
Golden Temptress / Tongking! (1954) — Bidragsgivare — 2 exemplar
Flight south 1 exemplar
Golden Temptress 1 exemplar
Law of the Tropics [1941 film] (1941) — Screenwriter — 1 exemplar


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Grayson, Charles
Charles Grayson, often teaming with Van H. Cartmell as an editor, is not the same as Dr. Charles E. Grayson, who wrote a book about archery.



2022 movie #33. 1948. Shipping VP (Ryan) and secretly former Communist gets married. The Party wants his cooperation or they'll rat him out to his bride. The Commies seemed more like mobsters. Originally called "I Married a Communist", a more descriptive title.
capewood | Feb 12, 2022 |
Table of Contents:
I'm a fool / Sherwood Anderson
The happy hypocrite / Max Beerbohm
The devil and Daniel Webster / Stephen Vincent Benét
The damned thing / Ambrose Bierce
The Chink and the child / Thomas Burke
Paul's case / Willa Cather
Back for Christmas / John Collier
Youth / Joseph Conrad
The bar sinister / Richard Harding Davis
The Red-Headed League / A. Conan Doyle
A rose for Emily / William Faulkner
Old Man Minick / Edna Ferber
The rich boy / F. Scott Fitzgerald
The celestial omnibus / E.M. Forster
The three strangers / Thomas Hardy
The outcasts of Poker Flat / Bret Harte
The killers / Ernest Hemingway
The gift of the Magi / O. Henry
The Gioconda smile / Aldous Huxley
The monkey's paw / W.W. Jacobs
The man who would be king / Rudyard Kipling
The incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney / Rudyard Kipling
Champion / Ring Lardner
To build a fire / Jack London
The fly / Katherine Mansfield
Rain / W. Somerset Maugham
Big blonde / Dorothy Parker
The murders in the Rue Morgue / Edgar Allan Poe
The gold-bug / Edgar Allan Poe
Flowering Judas / Katherine Anne Porter
Tobermory / Saki
The leader of the people / John Steinbeck
Markheim / Robert L. Stevenson
A lodging for the night / Robert L. Stevenson
The lady or the tiger? / Frank R. Stockton
Monsieur Beaucaire / Booth Tarkington
The secret life of Walter Mitty / James Thurber
The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County / Mark Twain
The other wise man / Henry Van Dyke
Chickamauga / Thomas Wolfe.
… (mer)
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lulaa | May 11, 2014 |



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