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Ed Greenwood was born on July 21 1959 in Canada. He is a fantasy writer and the original creator of the Forgotten Realms game world. He began writing articles about the Forgotten Realms for Dragon magazine beginning in 1979, and subsequently sold the rights to the setting to TSR, the creators of visa mer the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, in 1986. He has written many Forgotten Realms novels, as well as numerous articles and D&D game supplement books. Greenwood discovered the Dungeons & Dragons game in 1975 and soon became a regular player. He used the Realms as a setting for his campaigns, which centered around the fictional locales of Waterdeep and Shadowdale, locations that would figure prominently in his later writing. According to Greenwood, his players' thirst for detail pushed him to further develop the Forgotten Realms setting. His works include Shandril's Sage, The Elminster Series, The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy, The Comyr Saga, The Harpers, The Sundering and The Iron Assassin. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Ontario, Canada
Game Designer



All of that potential!

I mean despite a few issues, this book really should have done numbers. I'm about to go knock on some doors in an attempt to spread the "good word" on the "Iron assassin".... wait wait wait don't slam the door in my face. Hear me out.

So what's to like?

1. I love the very Steampunk essence that Ed Greenwood brings to this universe. His chief Tinkerer is Lord Tempest Straker.

2. The Iron Assassin, Bently Steelforce is my kind of weirdo assassin.

3. The overarching conspiracy had meaty potential


Plot/Storyline: -1 Should have just stuck to the overarching conspiracy - the threat to Lord Lion. Everything that can possible happen in this story happens. Too many subplots
Characters: -1 I started to lose interest in the ever growing list of new characters showing up. It feels like Greenwood was setting up for a series but never followed through so what we have is an over saturation of characters.
Favorite scene: the conversation between Lord Straker and Lady whatsherface in the shed moments after the Iron Assassin barged in and petrified the poor spy-wannabe Lady. It was a very clever tete-a-tete.
Favorite Quote/Concept: Every man needs a confidant - even those sworn to secrecy (Hardcastle on his Bromance with Jack Straker / LordTempest)

StoryGraph Challenge: 1800 books by 2025
Challenge Prompt: 150 Punk Fantasy Books
… (mer)
RoadtripReader | Aug 24, 2023 |
I read a Forgotten Realms book by Ed Greenwood in high school, and it took almost 20 years before I was willing to give Forgotten Realms a second chance.

I picked this up for a buck, and I liked one other Pathfinder Tales book well enough, so I figured I'd give Ed Greenwood a second chance. His success will continue to be a mystery to me.

Reading this, I can't imagine that it would even be fun to play a game he's DMing. Basic, boring, repetitive . . . I guess he must be good at game design, but he's no writer.… (mer)
3Oranges | 1 annan recension | Jun 24, 2023 |
A decent, but not great story of Elminster's early days, before he became an adventurer/hero/mythic figure. At this point Elminster isn't all-powerful. The writing is good and the story is interesting, particularly for Forgotten Realms fans.
Karlstar | 4 andra recensioner | Sep 28, 2022 |
I just finished Crown of Fire. It was pretty good and can be a stand alone read as it was for me but helps if you read the the first book Spellfire, to add depth and background. I did not because it is also a stand alone book in the Harper series, though I could have used the background on the characters from the first book to make bit more sense of it.

This book is also part of the Shandril's Saga, even though it is in the harpers series too? The author published this book years after the first and he addresses concerns and the multitude of themes and plots in his afterwards.. There are a lot of other characters going in and out from other books to include dark agencies but the main antagonists are the Zhentarium. Honestly though, I liked it. The author puts you right into action and even has a favored character get killed :(

If you are a fan of Ed Greenwood books but missed this one, you will love it! ;)

Shandril is plagued with what she sees as a curse called Spellfire. It's powerful energy she can use to destroy whatever she wants, from what it seems. The good-entities, want to make sure she is just passing through while evil-entities want her for her power but if they cannot have it, they want her dead. A hearty dwarf and a somewhat fumbling boyfriend do what they can to guard her from others while they find interesting allies along the way. Ultimately however, she releases her Spellfire!

My favorite Character was the hearty dwarf accompanying Shandril.
… (mer)
JasonKalinowski | 3 andra recensioner | Aug 24, 2022 |



Du skulle kanske också gilla

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