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Nikki Grimes was born and raised in New York City. She began writing poetry at age six and is well-known for writing award-winning books primarily for children and young adults. Bronx Masquerade and Talkin' About Bessie both won Coretta Scott King Awards, and her poetry collections featuring visa mer Danitra Brown are very popular. Grimes received the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children in 2006. She has written articles for magazines including Essence and Today's Christian Woman, as well as hosted radio programs in New York and Sweden. She has lectured and read her poetry at schools in Russia, China, Sweden, and Tanzania. Grimes is also a prolific artist, creating works of fiber art, beaded jewelry, peyote beading, handmade cards, and photography. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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This book is a fabulous book about a boy who is a bit different from his classmates but is going through some crazy feelings, while also navigating first crushes. It is a great book that really captures what it looks like to go through middle school.
madelinefames | 16 andra recensioner | Apr 3, 2024 |
Bedtime for Sweet Creatures - this is a beautiful book that follows a little girl trying to fall asleep. It compares her in a playful and loving way to a little creature. It compares her to a wolf, a gazelle and others. It says she gallops like a gazelle back to her bed. Sneaks like a wolf out to get water. it's very sweet and very playful. I would use this with very little children. Maybe not in a classroom setting.
stewartj22 | 5 andra recensioner | Apr 3, 2024 |
Apatient mother with a healthy sense of whimsy helps prepare her headstrong toddler for bed.

The story opens with a toddler, fists raised into the air, proclaiming, “No! No! No!” Thank goodness this not-at-the-moment-sweet creature’s mother is patient and creative as she corrals her child into a bedtime routine that may feel familiar to many readers. The words and behaviors of the child evading bed are translated into animal sounds and behaviors: wide-eyed and asking “Who? Who?” like an owl; shaking hair and roaring like a lion; hanging on for a hug like a koala. And, of course, the requisite leaving bed for a last trip to the bathroom and drink, like a human child. Zunon’s art takes this book to the next level: Her portrayals of the animals mentioned in the text are colorful and full of intriguing patterns and shapes. Additionally, the expressions on the faces of the mother, child, and animals speak volumes, portraying the emotions of each. Arguably, the sweetest part of the story comes at the end, when the child asks to sleep with Mommy and Dad. Though the mother sighs, the child climbs in, along with “owl, bear, snake, kitty, fawn, squirrel, koala, tiger, wolf.” (Readers attuned to details will notice the father’s look of delight at the parade of animals.) All characters are Black.

An adventurous treat of a bedtime story. (Picture book. 2-5)

-Kirkus Review
… (mer)
CDJLibrary | 5 andra recensioner | Apr 2, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: Grade PK-5
Awards/Honors: NCTE Awards for Excellence in Poetry for Children (2006)
laholley | 7 andra recensioner | Apr 1, 2024 |



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