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Romesh Gunesekera

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He has a unique voice and, though I didn’t enjoy this as much as his first novel, The Reef, it was an enjoyable book because I find his prose sensual and evocative…he is a master of the evanescent thought, the evanescent moment. This is the history of two families in Sri Lanka but the book is really more a set of musings on the passage of time and its implications for mortality. Gunesekera also gives plenty of food for thought on the meaning of identity and, especially, of exile.
Gypsy_Boy | 2 andra recensioner | Aug 26, 2023 |
Brilliant. A first novel and a Booker finalist. Writing that captivates. Gunesekera is, to my mind, an absolute master of those moments in life that are fleeting and indescribable; of a moment between two people. Of the evanescent, as I wrote above. I cannot think of anyone I have ever read who does it better. There is an exquisiteness, a tenderness, a stunning beauty to his images. Ostensibly the story of a houseboy in Sri Lanka, it becomes the story of two lives inextricably woven into the tragedy of the civil war in that country. As with Sandglass, above, it is a deep, unforgettable reflection on the passage of time, chances taken and chances lost, on identity, and of exile. Just stunning.… (mer)
Gypsy_Boy | 12 andra recensioner | Aug 26, 2023 |
Even great writing can't save this vaguely scifi story, a thinly disguised portrait of the civil war in Sri Lanka and its effects on people and society.
Gypsy_Boy | 1 annan recension | Aug 26, 2023 |
Short stories from an expat Sri Lankan who I enjoy generally quite a bit. He’s written close to a dozen books and I’ll admit that I have found a clunker or two among them, but when he hits it, he writes wonderfully. These stories have a thread in common: they all share a narrator taking people (generally foreigners) to different parts of the island. The narrator tends to see things that one might expect to be familiar through new eyes—the eyes of those he is accompanying. The commentary is thus about both the visitors and the narrator and, inevitably, the island. Gunesekera has always been concerned about the price of the civil war; this volume is no different and he always manages to find a poignancy, a deep hurt that he expresses more by omission than anything else. Recommended.… (mer)
Gypsy_Boy | 3 andra recensioner | Aug 24, 2023 |



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