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England, UK
London, England, UK



A young adult book that has enough of a story for adults to enjoy, with a story complex enough to stretch younger readers. The book’s beautifully presented with maps and patterned pages. The world building here stands out, though there’s something vaporous about the overall plot and some of the action sequences, which may confuse a younger audience. Even I found a couple of sequences difficult to picture; with all the drops off ledges, I expected broken bones. Although characters get hurt, they seem to have miraculous escapes. Still, there’s something charming and magical about this story. The young female lead shows more than her share of bravery, as do her young friends. I’m left wanting a grumpy old chicken.… (mer)
SharonMariaBidwell | 16 andra recensioner | Apr 12, 2024 |
this is excellent. hargrave really manages to put the reader in this bleak and cold and barren landscape, and to feel the tension and pull of the sea and the community and the disparate belief systems, to smell the salt on the air and really be in this place. she conjures a fiction for the place and the people that began the witch trials of the 1600s in the furthest north of norway. and she does it in such a compelling and beautiful way, even while just about every aspect of this story is hard to read about.

i thought the sexual relationship between maren and ursa felt pretty extraneous until the very end, and i'm not sure the book is stronger for it. but i also liked this so much that i don't think i care. but the very very end - what happened? did maren step off into the sea or into her future? I thought she was going to escape but the writing made it sound like she walked into the water at the end. i don't think she'd do that. i liked learning a bit about the sami and this place and time period. what a hard living they had there, and what a shock it must have been to arrive there from cities of the day.

"Grief cannot feed you, though it fills you."

"She does not send her mind flying away. She is only her body, and Maren's hand upon her, and in her, and she could weep with the kindness of it, the ache of it. She did not know, she thinks; she did not know it could be like this."
… (mer)
overlycriticalelisa | 49 andra recensioner | Apr 6, 2024 |
I really liked this book. It's historical fiction, read for the lesbian book group. (the Lesbian contact is there, but light.) It is set in a fishing village in Finnmark, Norway in 1617, where two young women, Maren and Ursa meet. A freak storm drowns almost all of the villages men, including Maren's father, brother and fiancee. Hargrave really sets the stage, a bleak landscape and a hard life. We also learn about Maren's sister-in-law, Diinna, who is Sami; and a little about the relationships between the Sami and the Norwegian.

Unfortunately this is just before the Norwegian witch trials. The king sends a commisioner, Absalom Cornet; who has a record of "successful" witch-hunting. Cornet brings with him his new, young and pretty, Norwegian wife, Ursa, who befriends Maren.

Most of the book is pretty traumatic, actually, because the witch hunts were awful. But I couldn't put the book down.

Here's a passage:

“The day is impossibly bright: the sort of crystalline clarity that comes when winter still sits in the air. They have already entered at the narrow mouth of the fjord, and the cliffs rise sheerly either side, a clean hundred feet, the black rock raked with lines of lighter grey. The sea is green and glitters with chips of ice, and as soon as the wind bites at her face and brings up its blood, chilling her lungs, she feels better than she has since she left home."
… (mer)
banjo123 | 49 andra recensioner | Apr 6, 2024 |
Goodreads' ratings suck because I don't fall in love with a lot of books. Does it merit one star? Two?

The Dance Tree follows Lisbet, a young woman in 16th-century Strasbourg during the Dancing Plague, whose sister-in-law comes home after a mysterious seven years in penance. Her best friend is acting weird, her husband doesn't seem to love her anymore, and her mother-in-law is a witch. Oh, and women are starting to dance randomly in town for days on end.

What ensues is a drama anyone with a pulse could see through immediately, leaving the reader having to pretend they didn't figure out the big lesbian secret for over a hundred pages, and then the ending aftwards. I hate to be a hater, but this just didn't work as well as it could have. It's not terrible—just so meekly passing that it's a bit insulting. The prose is overwrought in a way that is unfortunately very in style right now, too saccharine and not thoughtful enough to lend itself to any overarching theme, instead relying on its imagery and "poetics" to cover the prose's lack of meaning. To add insult to injury, the plot is predictable and consequently annoying. The characters are equally stock-still and caricatures of themselves, and there is an undeniable modernity to the way they all act, think, and carry themselves.

So, I’m raising this to two stars beyond these criticisms because it is not a terrible book. It’s fine. It is just thoroughly whatever.

Who is this for? After such high reviews, I wanted to read the author's book The Mercies, but I just don't know anymore. I need to pick better.
… (mer)
Eavans | 4 andra recensioner | Feb 22, 2024 |



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Tom de Freston Illustrator
Victoria Fox Narrator
Lucy KIm Cover designer
Carola Fischer Translator
Egle Costantino Translator
Victo Ngai Cover artist
Lauren O'Hara Illustrator


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