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Heintzman, Alix
Berea, Kentucky, USA
Kate McKean



I get what was trying to be conveyed, but I found the tone of the book very flat and the characters development did not endear me to them - I found myself without opinion about them and overall found the story more predictable than I anticipated.
phoebe09 | 46 andra recensioner | Jul 15, 2024 |
Great, just not my cup of tea.
LaPhenix | 86 andra recensioner | Jul 8, 2024 |
I kept waiting for it to get better and it just… didn’t.
ellierey | 46 andra recensioner | Jul 7, 2024 |
There is good YA fiction, which works for readers of all ages, and then published Wattpad fantasies full of clichés and annoying teenage characters. Guess where I peg this drivel? Forget Southern Gothic, here we have Gilmore Girls does Beauty and the Beast, with a female protagonist who is supposed to be in her mid-twenties but acts the same age as her sixteen year old brother, and an 'ugly' love interest fighting imaginary monsters in small town America.

Opal's only personality traits are being a povo and taking care of said brother, their flighty rich girl turned tramp of a mother having died in a mysterious car wreck ten years previously. (I have many questions about how a teenage Opal became the guardian of her five year old brother, but presumably we just have to swallow that.) She complains about everything and turns independence into vindictiveness, while claiming that she 'never had the chance to wallow' in self-pity. Arthur, who lurks in Starling House, the wannabe-gothic mansion at the heart of the decaying former mining town, is also a fully fledged adult, but mopes about like a teenage goth. Neither of them are likeable and have zero chemistry, which makes the forced romance that subsumes the whole plot even more painful.

The only possible saving grace, of both the story and the characters, could have been Starling House itself, which 'had begun as stone and mortar had become something more, with ribs for rafters and stone for skin. It has no heart, but it feels; it has no brain, but it dreams.' The building communicates with its inhabitants by opening rooms and doors to people it likes and trapping or expelling foes. Yet like the concept of the book, the house is wasted on a bitter and twisted little martyr, who cossets her brother to the point where he can't fetch his own inhaler during an asthma attack and has no idea about the private education being lined up for him (at sixteen? Isn't that a bit late?), and Truman Capote who is trapped in the big house. If the author had wasted less adjectives and poor similes on Opal, omitted the footnotes (dear god, the footnotes!), and generally tightened up the purple prose, I might have been more involved in the plot and had less time to notice the terrible writing (what the hell kind of adverb is 'cliche-ly'?) And was there any need to have both Opal and Arthur's narratives, especially when we get the joy of Opal's whinging in first person?

Sorry, Starling House, you could have been up there with Manderley, but unfortunately you let the wrong ones in.
… (mer)
AdonisGuilfoyle | 46 andra recensioner | Jun 28, 2024 |



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