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This is an interesting not quite murder story intertwined two different timeline set in the same villa. It is about women power and how women bonded and survived. But all things have a cost and nobody escaped scot free.
Baochuan | 34 andra recensioner | Nov 29, 2023 |
Camden is the adopted son of Ruby McTavish, one of the wealthiest women in North Carolina. She was also quite well known as the victim of a kidnapping when she was a child and as a widow 4 times over, with husbands dying under mysterious circumstances. Upon her death, Camden inherited the family home and fortune. For his own reasons, he estranged himself from Ruby years ago, as well as his inheritance and lives a modest existence as a teacher, married to Jules and living in Colorado.

When Camden receives a letter from a family member urging him to return to the family estate, Ashby House, which he owns and to put financial concerns in order, Jules encourages him to make the trip with her. She has researched the home and, unbeknownst to Camden, dreams of living there adjacent to the Blue Ridge mountains. Upon their reaching Ashby House, it is soon apparent why Camden wanted to sever ties with his toxic family.

The story unfolds via two POVs, Camden’s and Jules’, as well as news clippings and a series of letters from Ruby to an undisclosed recipient that recount her life story. Like every family and every good thriller, there are lots of secrets here. This Southern Gothic novel has it all…you name it, it is here. Fast paced, I read it in one sitting as I did not want to put it down.

Thanks to #netgalley and @stmartinspress for the ARC.
… (mer)
vkmarco | 7 andra recensioner | Nov 28, 2023 |
A fairly breezy read, with predictable plot points and "twists," the apparently-now-mandatory lesbian character, profanity (including the names of God and Christ misused), sexual references and a make-out scene, and - in the audiobook format - truly awful attempts at Southern accents.

There's also a disturbing origin story where God and Satan are presented as equals, more or less, and there's a group of angels that rise above their feud, "refusing to take sides," and they become supernatural creatures like fairies, witches, werewolves, etc. The idea that they know better than God is distinctly heretical.… (mer)
RachelRachelRachel | 230 andra recensioner | Nov 21, 2023 |
This twisted suspense has two timelines, and the one from 1974 focused on music was right up my alley since I was a teen then and am a big music junkie.
Both story timelines, the current one with Em and Chess, and the one in 1974 with Mari and her step-sister, Lara (and the "rock stars") were filled with who-can-you-trust twists and kept me invested in the story to figure out what REALLY happened in 1974, and how things would play out between Em and Chess, and had twists right up to the end. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an audiobook (great narrators!) of this book.
… (mer)
JillHannah | 34 andra recensioner | Nov 20, 2023 |



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