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John Twelve Hawks

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Twelve Hawks, John
20th century
Simon Lipskar
Joe Regal



Not as good as the first one, I'm afraid. I love the personal complications he throws into the mix, but it took entirely too long for Gabriel to act like a traveler. For most of the book, it seemed like any other contemporary thriller (not always a bad thing, but not what I was looking for from the sequel).
Library_Guard | 33 andra recensioner | Jun 17, 2024 |
When I came to the end of this novel, all I could think was this can’t be the last book. It just can’t be. Those words and sundry similarities ran around my brain as I tried to puzzle out if I was confused, disappointed, or missing the point altogether. According to the jacket, this is the final installment in The Fourth Realm Trilogy, but for the life of me, the story feels like it wants a fourth book.

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Library_Guard | 19 andra recensioner | Jun 17, 2024 |
There is nothing I like better than good story telling, and that is just what Hawks accomplishes in this novel. The first book of the Fourth Realm series, it is the story of Maya, one of the last members of the secret warrior group the Harlequins. She is reluctantly drawn into the underground world she vowed to leave behind and must track down a pair of brothers who may or may not be Travelers, people born with the ability to cross into other dimensions. If the Tabula (yet another secret society) gets to the brothers first, all hell will break loose, perhaps literally. It sounds complicated every time I try to explain it, but Hawks’ brilliance lies in his ability to construct a complex, paranoid world without confusing the reader more than necessary. It’s a little like crossing Orwell’s 1984 with the Jedi/Sith conflict of Star Wars, but that is probably a gross simplification. Highly, highly recommended.
… (mer)
Library_Guard | 82 andra recensioner | Jun 17, 2024 |
A big let down for me. I loved the Traveler and was really looking forward to this but it really didn't read like the climax of a trilogy -especially one that ha taken so long to be published. I have been reading a lot of epic fantasy recently and perhaps I was expecting too much for a contemporary thriller like this but there was no real progression of plot or characters from previous novels.

I have been patiently waiting for for a big climax and loads of travelling between the various realms but we barely spend any time there (again perhaps I am looking for the extensive world building from the fantasy epics I have become used to).

This really should have been the climax to book one and have moved forward from the point the true battle with the Bretheren begins.

This installment also seemed to be missing the trademark matrix style hand to hand combat scenes that were another reasons I loved the Traveler. You could argue he series has moved on emotionally from that to explore the deeper themes of the vast machine and the compromise of personal freedoms but that is not really explored any more deeply. There was also the opportunity to reinforce the osmosis of the cultures of the other realms into our own and whilst some references are made to the origins of some legendary creatures these could have been done much more subtly and pervasively - again to accentuate the depth and breadth of the influence of the other realms.

For a modern thriller about surveillance culture and the "vast machine" Dean Koontz's Dark River does a better job and for that matter so does the Will Smith Film Enemy of the State.

For the theme of travelling between different versions of out world/alternative reality/different "realms" etc see Stephen King's Dark Tower series, The Talisman - also King with Peter Straub and ultimately Clive Barker's mind blowing Imajica.

In short this read like the "trailer to the golden city but was unfortunately all we have been given.Disappointing.
… (mer)
bookdragon616 | 19 andra recensioner | May 15, 2024 |



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Jason Booher Illustrator
Scott Brick Narrator
Michael J. Windsor Cover designer
Elnur Cover artist


½ 3.5

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