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Hawthorne, Kate



Possible Triggers: Lots of BDSM, but it's all consensual
I previously read the first 3 books and really liked the characters...all into kinky stuff but very good friends. This is an excellent addition to the series and I'm looking forward to finding #5, Shared. Back to this one. It's about second chances... except it’s less of a second chance and more of an “oops, we screwed up". Seems that 15-years ago Ivey and Dalton got married in Vegas, and then "forgot about it.” This could only have happened on the pages of a book but what the heck, it made a good story. When Kate Hawthorne added a bit of the "fake relationship" trope, this all starts to sound more than complicated, but Kate is good at what she does best...write about hot, sexy guys...so she handles the variables and emotions with her usual incredible story writing skills. The kink dynamic between Dalton and Ivey, at its core, is probably one of the most typical D/s dynamics I’ve ever seen from any author. That's one of those reasons that this book reads like a kink romance that's running in reverse rather than full steam ahead. The tension between Dalton and Ivey is strong no matter if the scene takes place today or 15-years ago. We follow their journey of how they got to this point in their present day, with the two of them first connecting after the shared abuse by an ex. It begins with a trauma bond that initially develops between them and it what sends them to Las Vegas in the first place, without necessarily keeping the focus on why that trauma existed in the first place. Both men have grown up since that first college experience... but the connection between them that was always there, remains. If anything, it made Dalton’s attempt at posing as the dutiful husband in New York City even more dramatic. Unfortunately, the distance doesn’t relieve Dalton of any of the pressure of developing a relationship away from the influence and opinion of his friends. Not a single character exists in a vacuum, as Dalton faces the NYC chapter of the "Trophy Doms Social Club" who are particularly overprotective of submissive Ivey. A more significant hurdle to Dalton and Ivey’s "happy ever after" however, is the simple logistics of their lives 3,000 miles away on opposite sides of the country. When the stars eventually align, the author has once again done an excellent job of shaping the two characters of Dalton and Ivey, so that the final decisions on both their parts feels natural. Note: His parents didn't name the poor guy "Ivey". It's what ONLY Dalton has always called Carter Emerson Royce the IV...so, "I-V"...and NOONE but Dalton calls him that.… (mer)
Carol420 | May 6, 2024 |
The love of Archie's life just happens to be the one he left behind when he left his hometown ten years ago. Archie is now reliving the biggest regret that he has ever had....one he never imaged he would have to endure. Owen is the man he’s always loved.... but of course, ten long lonely years have changed Both of them. Archie was ten years ago, just a twenty-year-old and a recent college graduate that has been busy building his life...and what a life it is...but it's missing something, and he soon discovers that that "something" was the one he left behind...Achcie. Fate seems to not be a "fickle lady' and has given them a second chance to make things right…but the big question is if they can. Owen never expected to see Archie again much less experience the feelings that hit him like a ton of bricks. We knew that when they meet that "best friends" wouldn't begin to describe what Archie and Owen are...but now we have a bit of an "on again off again" going on since Owen stubbornly refuses to open his heart to that kind of pain ever again. His head might be okay with that plan, but his heart says, "NO WAY"...What's wrong with you"? Kate Hawthrone is an author that is anything but bashful about the emotional damage she can cause her characters... these two in particular...before allowing them to come together. Just a warning to be prepared to have your heart torn out. I have read the first book, Humbled, so I was prepared for it but I still couldn't believe that she would ever not allow Archie and Owen to get the HEA that they both wanted and needed so much. I don't often get emotional about a book, but this story actually hurt more than the first one.... and under it all was the overwhelming emotions of these two flawed, but perfect for one another characters. I really like series that past characters from the other books show up to offer support and advise. It was good to see Grayson and Rob again and still happy, from book #1.… (mer)
Carol420 | Dec 1, 2023 |
Yay for 'grumpy' Jasper's story ...well he has reason to be down n grumpy but sparkly Liam brings him back to feeling alive. I've been waiting for Jasper's story since his character was first introduced.

Kate has crafted a wonderful story with Jasper and Liam and the choices and life that's happened to bring them to now with love and happiness.

This is a great addition to the V n V series
SharingTheBookLove | 5 andra recensioner | Nov 2, 2023 |
Title mismatch

I don't normally mention titles but this one for me didn't really reference the book at all...yes it's mentioned Archer works in the film industry but it's not a major part of the book.

And Daddy Clint tbh annoyed me, he just didn't scream Daddy to me ..almost whiny except in bed.

Archer was fun but a handful and I'm not sure his apparent brat side was really seen on the pages

I normally adore all Kate's books but sadly not this one
SharingTheBookLove | Nov 2, 2023 |

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