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Verk av Grady Hendrix

Horrorstör (2014) 2,122 exemplar
My Best Friend's Exorcism (2016) 1,931 exemplar
The Final Girl Support Group (2021) 1,693 exemplar
How to Sell a Haunted House (2023) 897 exemplar
We Sold Our Souls (2018) 707 exemplar
The White Glove War (The Magnolia League) (2012) — Bidragsgivare — 81 exemplar
Satan Loves You (1705) 73 exemplar
BadAsstronauts (2022) 41 exemplar
Ankle Snatcher (2023) 39 exemplar
Occupy Space (2012) 19 exemplar

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New York, New York, USA
Cohen, Amanda (spouse)



I thought that this one was entertaining. I like the concept of generational trauma, and how it effects future generations. I was not expecting demonic puppet - possessions, but I guess when dealing with a haunted house, you need to have some form of demonic possession que no?
ashe_and_ink | 40 andra recensioner | Dec 6, 2023 |
I really enjoyed this one. The villain was terrifying, and I really felt for all of the communities who were affected by his predatory activities. But this book wasn't exactly about vampirism as a form of feeding, or supernatural creatures. It was about gaslighting, both on an individual level, and on the level of whole communities. The main character is gaslit by all the men around her into believing that the man who moved to their neighborhood is a friend, not a foe. She starts to question herself and all of her experiences and feels that she is lessened by this doubt. No one listens to her until she convinces her friends with irrefutable evidence. Communities of color are gaslit by the authorities into believing that all of the missing children are due to drugs or that they've run away, even when the communities have evidence to the contrary. No one listens to them, so they have to take action on their own. I was mad at the villain in this book, for who he manipulated, hurt, and killed , but I was also mad at the family members, friends, authorities, and community members who gaslit our MC.

I thought the pacing was a little weird though. After the first climax, there is a large gap in time, and while I understand why it was done, I felt it could have been handled a little more elegantly. But other than that, I thought it was really well done.
… (mer)
quickmind | 116 andra recensioner | Nov 30, 2023 |
I could not put this book down and had to finish it in one sitting. I loved all of the cheesy horror tropes and that each final girl and the murder she survived is a nod to a cult classic slasher film. The whole book you have to wonder, ‘are these girls once again in the plot of a slasher movie or has one of them finally descended far enough into her trauma-induced madness that she’s imagined this entire conspiracy?’
mancinibo | 77 andra recensioner | Nov 30, 2023 |
Review based on ARC.

A fun, fast, lite-horror read. ... A little less "lite" than some of the other "lite" horrors I've read, but it doesn't get underneath your skin and deeply disturb you.

I love the concept and I think Hendrix executed it very well. Imagine a knock-off IKEA called Orsk -- cheaper than IKEA, but the same concept. And imagine that it has a secret, dark history that its employees will discover on a long, hard, dark, disturbing, night in the store. There will be blood, there will be guts, there will be death. But it's so creative (I love Hendrix's names for the various pieces of "furniture" he's created, especially the little details he's employed, like the colors available) and such a quick read that, as I say, it's not deeply disturbing.

It's also not particularly deep in any sense, but that's ok. It was just the thing to pass a few hours on a rainy evening.
Definitely recommend to people who are fans of lite-horror or anyone who's just been horrified by certain aspects of IKEA ;)

I will certainly read more by Hendrix!
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avanders | 180 andra recensioner | Nov 28, 2023 |



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Ryan Dunlavey Illustrator
Will Errickson Afterword
Andie Reid Designer, Cover designer
Bahni Turpin Narrator
Liz Wheaton Cover artist
Dan Funderburgh Illustrator
Michael Rogalski Illustrator
Tai Sammons Narrator
Christine Ferrara Cover artist
Doogie Horner Cover designer
Hugh Fleming Cover illustration


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