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Monica Hesse is a feature writer for the Washington Post. A finalist for a Livingston and a James Beard Award, she is also the author of Girl in the Blue Coat. She lives in Washington, Dc.

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As a narrative, this exceeded expectations—I enjoyed Hesse's accomplished but down-to-earth prose, and felt she did a decent job capturing the feel of rural Virginia without succumbing to simplistic narratives about small-town decay and obsolescence. While the book markets itself as depicting a "vanishing land," I don't think Hesse's narrative frames it quite that way.

Any prose work is going to be hard-pressed to capture as surreal a series of crimes as the Eastern Shore arson cases. I thought the story was at its best when depicting the community response, from volunteer firefighter camaraderie to Facebook speculation. Yet I'm not convinced there's any "there there" when it comes to analyzing the motivations of the perpetrators. It's true that the Eastern Shore is an ideal landscape for a would-be arsonist, but the events that led to the crimes feel more-or-less universal.

Perhaps this is its own lesson—if you approach a crime story looking for a metaphor, and find it, you may simply be a very good writer. Hesse dodges the trap, but what's left is just a very weird story.
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raschneid | 35 andra recensioner | Dec 19, 2023 |
Interesting in theory but poorly executed
bookishreputation | 12 andra recensioner | Jun 27, 2023 |
A historical mystery with an unreliable narrator, this post-war page-turner is set primarily in a displaced persons camp. It tells the story of Zofia, desperately searching for her little brother Abek...and the possibility of a life after trauma. (Sydney Taylor Young Adult Honor Book)
STBA | 14 andra recensioner | Feb 4, 2023 |
Amsterdam, 1943. La joven Hanneke se dedica a comprar y vender todo lo que encuentra en el mercado negro, a escondidas de sus padres. Es su manera de rebelarse ante la ocupación alemana y sobrellevar la pérdida de su novio en el frente. Pero su vida da un giro cuando una de sus clientas le hace un encargo inusitado: que localice a una chica judía que mantenía oculta y que ha desaparecido sin dejar rastro.

Tiene que dar con ella antes de que la encuentren los nazis.
fewbach | 37 andra recensioner | Jan 5, 2023 |



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