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Dorothy Hewett (1923–2002)

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Dorothy Hewett was born on May 21, 1923 in Perth, Australia. She was an Australian feminist poet, novelist, and playwright. She was brought up on a sheep farm in Western Australia. In 1944 Hewett began studying English at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It was here that she joined the visa mer Communist Party in 1946. Also during her time at UWA she won a major drama competition and a national poetry competition. Hewett published her first novel, Bobbin Up, in 1959. The novel is regarded as an example of social realism. In 1967 Hewett's increasing disillusionment with Communist politics was evidenced by her collection Hidden Journey. In 1973 Hewett was awarded one of the first fellowships by the Australia Council. The organisation granted her several fellowships, and later awarded her a lifetime emeritus fellowship. During her life she wrote 15 plays, the most famous of which are: This Old Man Comes Rolling Home (1967), The Chapel Perilous (1972), and The Golden Oldies (1981). Several plays, such as The Man From Mukinupin (1979), were written in collaboration with Australian composer Jim Cotter. In 1975, she published a controversial collection of poems, Rapunzel in Suburbia. Virago Press. published the first volume of her autobiography, Wild Card, in 1990. The book dealt with her lifelong quest for sexual freedom and the negative responses she received. Two years later she published her second novel, The Toucher. In 1990 a painting of Hewett by artist Geoffrey Proud won the Archibald Prize, Australia's most prominent portrait prize. Dorothy Hewett passed away on August 25, 2002. In 2015 UWA Publishing in partnership with Copyright Agency and 720 ABC Perth, has launched a new award for an unpublished manuscript called the Dorothy Hewett Award. The award also stipulates that the manuscripts `should have a connection to Western Australia¿. The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000 and a publishing contract with UWA Publishing. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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Bobbin Up (1959) 132 exemplar
Neap Tide (1999) 28 exemplar
The chapel perilous (1972) 26 exemplar
The Toucher (1993) 25 exemplar
Collected poems 1940-1995 (1995) 14 exemplar
A Baker's Dozen (2001) 13 exemplar
Peninsula (1994) 11 exemplar
Alice in wormland (1987) 9 exemplar
Rapunzel in suburbia (1975) 7 exemplar
Wheatlands (2000) 7 exemplar

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Set in working class Redfern, Sydney, in the late 50s, this follows a group of women working long hours in the local woollen mill.
There are oldies, fighting to keep an income going...young wives trying to provide for the family, maybe raise them up the ladder...and flighty teens with ambitions, romances ...and unwanted pregnancies.
A different experience in every chapter, yet all rely on the lowly wage they receive. But as the textile industry faces a downturn and redundancies loom, the women come together in a stand-off under their "Commie" colleague, Nell..
I've read a couple of authors who tried to inject left wing politics into a story.....John Steinbeck and Upton Sinclair spring to mind- and it CAN rapidly get preachy and feel like a bit of propaganda. I didnt find that fault at all with Bobbin Up (the title, incidentally, being the name of the works newspaper.) The place and the people are SO vividly drawn, that when politics comes into it, towards the end, it feels entirely justified. And nowhere do we have any asides from the author, telling us what we should be thinking....
Quite brilliant writing.
… (mer)
starbox | 4 andra recensioner | Sep 1, 2021 |
The novel, set in the hot Southern Hemisphere summer of 1957, with Sputnik 1 visible in the sky, shows us vignettes from the lives of a group of women who all work in a spinning mill in Sydney. They are of different ages and from different social situations, each has her own hopes and fears and problems to resolve, and none gets significantly more space in the book than any other: this is a proper collective, social-realist novel. There's a character who is presumably autobiographical, the union rep who has written the satirical pamphlet Bobbin up to warn her fellow-workers about what their employers are up to, and has to defend its informal style of political analysis to the orthodox Marxist-Leninists in the local Party branch.

You could call this "Germinal with better weather", because of the way it pays close attention to the real conditions that the working-class characters live in, including the ways they try to have fun, and the way we are obviously building up to a big confrontation with the employers, but Hewett cleverly chooses to end the story with the women uniting to take on the bosses (and the official union leadership, who as usual are happy to sacrifice the women to protect the interests of male skilled workers). The outcome of the dispute isn't relevant to the point Hewett wants to make, so she prefers to go out on a note of optimism. And why not?

I enjoyed this: lively, well-written and full of local atmosphere, with a lot of real sympathy for characters who might otherwise be rather difficult to like. It's obvious that these aren't representative cases or political symbols for Hewett, but real friends she's worked with.
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thorold | 4 andra recensioner | Aug 17, 2020 |
i found her childhood boring.
she seemed to have no idea about birth control and no idea about child care, maybe because she was so young.
she was determined to be a communist and poor but always talking about how attractive men found her. the father of 3 of her boys seems to be crazy. why did she stay with him? she had to work so he looked after the kids!
mahallett | Apr 9, 2015 |
Un'antologia di racconti che ci presenta un ventaglio di freschissime visioni del mondo rurale, dell'infanzia, delle famiglie raccolte in fattorie e villaggi polverosi, degli aborigeni che si mescolano ai bianchi. Dei tredici racconti superbo quello che regala il titolo al volume e che narra della giovane coppia di raccoglitori di fragole, due figure spontanee e ben disegnate, come in un affresco, sullo sfondo dei campi verdissimi.
cometahalley | Dec 31, 2013 |



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