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Kathleen M. Higgins

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Kathleen Marie Higgins is professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, Austin.
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A good, clear introduction to Nietzsche with essays on a variety of topics. I should say that I didn't come to this with absolutely zero knowledge of Nietzsche, but still I found it to be a good introduction.
Crokey20 | Feb 24, 2023 |
If you are like me and are looking for a way into the intriguing world of Philosophy, then this would be a good place to start. Jumping into this genre is a bit like going for a swim in a violent, tempestuous ocean. There are many different thinkers and many diverse schools of thought that it can be intimidating and overwhelming. I'm happy to say this book served as a sturdy raft.

As the title suggests, this is indeed a very brief overview of Philosophy. Solomon introduces all the big names in the field and gives a crisp summary of their outlooks and the questions they were asking.

Solomon's writing is easy to follow; the thoughts and beliefs of the philosophers however? Not so much. These men* were really thinking beyond. Philosophy isn't "thinking outside the box." It's taking that box and studying its dimensions, its size and weight, measuring its corners. It's about taking the box apart and then rebuilding it.

I look at it this way; imagine non-philosophers living on a planet where it was extremely bright, and they walk around squinting and shielding their eyes. It's difficult to see. Philosophers are the ones that put on sunglasses and view the world in a different way. If that makes sense.

I plan on reading more books like this so I can better my understanding. I think it helps to build a foundation first before jumping into the source texts.

Maybe one day I can put on a pair of sunglasses too.

*Solomon introduces one female philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir. He goes on to say that women weren't taken seriously in this field of study and so no publications exist. If a great female philosopher lived, her work was not recorded. Quite unfortunate.
… (mer)
ProfessorEX | Apr 15, 2021 |
Very good overview of Nietzsche and his philosophy. Good for review or before reading Nietzsche
evil_cyclist | Mar 16, 2020 |


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