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Linda Oatman High is the author of Barn Savers, Beekeepers, and The Last Chimney of Christmas Eve, among other titles. She lives in Narvon, Pennsylvania


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Planet Pregnancy (2008) 74 exemplar
The President's Puppy (2002) 73 exemplar
Beekeepers (1998) 65 exemplar
A Humble Life: Plain Poems (2001) 56 exemplar
One Amazing Elephant (2017) 46 exemplar
Barn Savers (1999) 45 exemplar
Tenth Avenue Cowboy (2008) 37 exemplar
Under New York (2001) 35 exemplar
Cool Bopper's Choppers (2007) 29 exemplar
Hound Heaven (1995) 24 exemplar

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lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
Ben is a Western boy who has always dreamed of becoming a cowboy. When his family moves to Hell's Kitchen in New York, Ben feels ostracized and misses his old home, until he discovers that New York has cowboys too. Detailing a lesser known piece of history, the story tells the tale of the Tenth Avenue Cowboys who warned people in the city of incoming trains. I was excited to read this story because I was unfamiliar with the topic, but unfortunately the book fell through for me. I thought the history aspect was interesting but the rest of the plot left me bored.… (mer)
SophiaLCastillo | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 9, 2020 |
"Even Rose, who would have been my bosom buddy, if I had a bosom, just didn't get it." Silver Iris Nickles wants a dog, and within the first chapter the message is loud and clear. By chapter two her and Rose are painting her sleeping grandfather's toenails and chatting it up.

For a 1995 book, this one feels very rough and is worded a touch harsh at the start. Words like papaw and chew and mamaw stand out, and for those who don't know their meaning off the bat, it becomes a bit of a trip. The first few chapters are silly, but rough to read out loud.

There is a distinct lack of touch with reality in this story. Dudley is a stalker and eccentric fellow. Which is really really hard to word nicely. He's a creep, he stalks her for a long time, he takes two of her most prized possessions, he peeks in her window, he's really messed up. Definitely did not age well, but it's written as he's just misunderstood(but lines like "I wanted a part of you" and sleeping with things that were her come off creepy).

Her papaw has fake teeth, and has a heart attack that turns him around, and he decides to get married, which also reads weird. Sort of a final marriage to die during or something(honestly that part had me displeased and disturbed greatly). The Chapter of the marriage is even titled Two Dried-up Old Lovebirds. Kind of all the nope material I needed from a book right there because of implications.

There's talk of Avon and Kmart in this book, and whew, that alone had me in a tizzy, those are some relics nowadays, slowly fading out.

Some things that happen and are said are dated farther back than the nineties, making for a little bit of that aged feeling(and you gotta explain them too), but the book isn't bad, it's okay, not great or a thrill, just an okay book. In another ten or twenty years it might suffer worse from aging, had I read this as a child in the nineties I bet I'd have hated it a lot. It's not a dog book that grips you like most are. In fact, it's a dog book likely destined to just be let go of, and nodded to, but not much more.
… (mer)
Yolken | 1 annan recension | Nov 3, 2019 |
The story is about a young boy named Ben who moved to a poor city in New York called Hell's Kitchen. He did not like it there because he had no friends and was nothing like his home until he saw the Tenth Avenue Cowboys. Where he was raised he had always dreamed of being a cowboy and riding horses. Even in a new setting he found a way to make that dream come true because ten years later he was able to join the Tenth Avenue Cowboys and ride horses and warn people of when the train was coming.
D.Patzan | 3 andra recensioner | Sep 4, 2019 |



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