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Essingen, Sweden
Viken, Sweden



I got this in advance of Worldcon 75 because John-Henri Holmberg was one of the guests of honour in Helsinki. I know him vaguely because we have ended up on panels together at all three European Worldcons this century, but this was my chance to get into his work. Which I then failed to do in advance of the convention – who knew that running the Hugo Awards takes up quite a lot of one’s spare time???

It’s an anthology of seventeen short stories by Swedish writers, all of them about crime and detection rather than sf or fantasy. Authors include a couple I had heard of, Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson, and lots more whose names were new to me. Good gender balance. Almost all the stories are set in Sweden, which has been on my mind recently because it is about to assume the EU presidency.

Going back to the anthology, the weakest story is unfortunately the one by Stieg Larsson, later famous for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels, but he was only 17 when he wrote it (and would probably have blocked its publication if he had still been alive). But the rest are generally good, some very good. At short length you can’t fit in a lot of detection, so more often than not the stories are from the perpetrator’s point of view, but with some interesting twists. The cold revenge of the protagonist of Inger Frimansson’s “In Our Darkened House” will linger with me. A good read.
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nwhyte | 6 andra recensioner | Dec 27, 2022 |
I was disappointed in the quality of writing in this book as I was looking forward to reading it.
kerryp | 6 andra recensioner | Jul 4, 2020 |
This anthology was interesting to me as I have much enjoyed reading many of the Swedish Authors. (in translation)

The quality of the stories is mixed with the best toward the last for the most part.

The best stories certainly deserve 4 stars.
yhgail | 6 andra recensioner | Feb 20, 2019 |
Terrific collection of Swedish authors, many of them are already well-known in North America due to the popularity of Swedish crime fiction. This book introduced me to many new authors whose books I will be seeking out, such as Johan Theorin, Tove Alsterdal and Hakan Nesser.

Another author included in the collection is Cilla Borjlind, who wrote one of the stories along with her husband, Rolf. This couple have created many crime dramas for television and they have also written numerous scripts based on the characters (Martin Beck series) created by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo. Cilla has a novel being released in July of this year, Spring Tide, that has had rave reviews. I pre-ordered the book and cannot wait to read it.

The only story I thought perhaps did not belong in this collection was by Sara Stridsberg. Her story is more abstract & avant-garde. In my opinion it did not fit well with the crime writer theme and would have been better placed in a general collection of Swedish/European fiction.

When you read the stories in this collection, do not skip the author introductions before each tale. Many of them give insight into Swedish customs and clarify parts of the story that might otherwise be confusing to non-Scandinavians.

All in all, a wonderful collection and a great introduction to new authors.
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Icewineanne | 6 andra recensioner | Aug 4, 2016 |

Du skulle kanske också gilla

Associerade författare

Poul Anderson Contributor
Leigh Brackett Contributor
Johan Theorin Contributor
Rolf Börjlind Contributor
Cilla Börjlind Contributor
Magnus Montelius Contributor
Tove Alsterdal Contributor
Eva Gabrielsson Contributor
Dag Öhrlund Contributor
Åsa Larsson Contributor
Per Wahlöö Contributor
Maj Sjöwall Contributor
Henning Mankell Contributor
Håkan Nesser Contributor
Åke Edwardson Contributor
Sara Stridsberg Contributor
Inger Frimansson Contributor
Katarina Wennstam Contributor
Anna Jansson Contributor
Stieg Larsson Contributor
Nicolas Križan Illustrator, Cover artist


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