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Inkluderar namnen: K.A. Holt, Kari Anne Holt


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Holt, Kari Anne
Austin, Texas, USA
University of Texas at Austin (BA|1998)
Ammi-Joan Paquette



Representation: N/A
Trigger warnings: Bullying
Score: Six points out of ten.
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I saw Rhyme Schemer circling my recommendations a few months ago and soon after, I saw that one library I went to had this one so I immediately seized the opportunity to get it by picking it up. Afterwards, I picked it up and read it but when I finished it I only thought it was an okay piece of literature.

It starts with the first person I see, Kevin, whose last name remains undisclosed who spends the opening pages thinking about who will he bully, much to my dismay. I took a immediate disliking to him at first but eventually he is not what he seems to be at first glance. Soon enough the school suspended Kevin for his actions and I thought he deserved that but after I read a few pages Kevin shows a side I previously knew nothing of: his poetry. He likes to take words from existing texts and make new creations out of it which I found fascinating. Rhyme Schemer shines in its character development involving Kevin and the engaging pacing which never made me put the book down. However, the author didn't give as much attention to the other people in Rhyme Schemer, which was such a missed opportunity as I wanted to connect with them as well. The ending is dramatic.
… (mer)
Law_Books600 | 27 andra recensioner | Feb 8, 2024 |
I usually enjoy books in verse - however I found this one difficult to get into. However, I am an adult and this is not who K.A. Holt is writing for. Once I got to know the characters a bit better, I was fully invested to see how each changed over the course of the book. At the end, I was rooting for everyone, including Ms. J, to find their best selves.

I think this novel about four learning "divergent" kids trying to get through summer school and pass a dreaded standardized test will appeal to a lot of young readers - especially those with a love of Minecraft or those who find reading a challenge. This is an honest and heartwarming look at middle school and how students find themselves in an education system that doesn't have their best interests at heart.

The format of the book -- with a variety of fonts, layout and graphics -- does a wonderful job expressing a unique voice for each character.

I am disappointed that once again a middle grade book has unfortunate adult characters who just don't get anything about these kids at best or who are the source of the students anxiety and self-doubt. For example, while the teacher is sympathetic and tries her best to engage these students, she can't address a student by the name she requests to be called nor does she apparently have any idea that one of her students has a stutter. As a parent of three, I am always searching for at least one adult that I like.
… (mer)
AnnesLibrary | 1 annan recension | Jan 28, 2024 |
I absolutely love this book. I have never felt more seen and understood and it has never made me want to cry more. It’s a beautiful thing for a book to be able to make me equally happy and sad. 10 out of 10 will read again.
ChaoticGoblin | 7 andra recensioner | Jan 23, 2024 |
Told in prose - this middle grade novel explores two girls growing feelings for each other. Kate is a prim and perfect cheerleader. She's popular and has her sights set on being cheer captain. Tam is a volleyball star - she has one best friend and but knows everyone. She doles out high fives like it's going out of style. When the two notice each other for the first time they wonder how it was possible they've never met before. A few casual conversations turns into lunch hangouts, texting, and then seeing each other play at games. The two become inseparable. And as they do their friendship starts to deepen into a little more. But is that what they both want? Emotional and wonderful - a great coming of age story about the complications of discovering your true identity.… (mer)
ecataldi | 7 andra recensioner | Mar 20, 2023 |



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