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Madelyn van der Hoogt

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The Weaver's Companion (2000) 396 exemplar
A Treasury of Towels (2002) 129 exemplar
Warping Your Loom (DVD) (2011) 55 exemplar
Block Weaves (2012) 47 exemplar
Weaving Lace (2013) 30 exemplar
Weaving Summer and Winter (2016) 20 exemplar
Weaving Deflected Doubleweave (2016) 20 exemplar
Weaving Overshot (2015) 19 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 40 (1998) 15 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 12 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 39 (1998) 12 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 36 (1997) 12 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 31 (1996) 11 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 13 (1990) 11 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 11 (1990) 10 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 25 (1993) 10 exemplar
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Weaver's Magazine 24 (1994) 10 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 08 (1990) 8 exemplar
Weaver's Magazine 21 (1993) 7 exemplar
Overshot Handbook 2 exemplar

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Madelyn van der Hoogt
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Hoogt, Madelyn van der



Booklet to go with Madelyn's Deflected Doubleweave Video
dllibrary | Dec 25, 2023 |
This is an excellent learning tool to find out about profile blocks, how to create them and how to change the block design into many weave structures. Comes with a great pdf file with exercises to help you learn the subject.
fiberguildreno | 1 annan recension | Apr 5, 2023 |
This book is a bit hard to review because it is so specific to handweavers but, the following quote may give you some idea about the contents. “The Complete Book of Drafting includes all of the ways in which weave structures can be illustrated on paper”

For centuries, handweavers have had their own methods of putting down on paper, all of the details that are needed to weave different woven structures and patterns. Most modern weavers learn to read weaving drafts, but more knowledge is needed in order to create your own and to go beyond the basics. Madelyn van der Hoogt is one of the most weaving literate weavers today and this book has become a handbook for all weavers interested in designing their own cloth and recording it for other weavers.

The book could certainly be classified as a textbook and is divided into four sections.

Part one covers basic weave structures and the principles of drafting. There is a page that identifies the different types of structures and underneath each of those headings are examples of specific structures related to the type. A list of basic drafting words is handy, especially for new weavers. Chapter one gets you into reading weaving drafts, the parts of these drafts and variations in how other cultures may have drafted..

Part two covers “Blocks” and what they mean to the handweaver. A chapter is devoted to “Reading Profile Drafts” and how this shorthand can be used for many different structures.

Part three is about “Unit Weaves” and how to understand and draft them. This includes lace, damask, tied weaves, and more.

The last part of the book gives explanations about how to turn a draft and why you might want to learn this skill. Also, understanding blended and network drafting. Finally, understanding and using fabric analysis.

Throughout the book there are practice pages for you to try your new drafting skills, graph paper to copy and design sheets. There is also an answer section to help you verify that you have done the practice sections correctly.

Working through this book would make an excellent study group project. It is also an invaluable reference and should probably be on every serious weaver's bookshelf.
… (mer)
fiberguildreno | 4 andra recensioner | Jan 22, 2023 |
design, crackle, corduroy, countermarch tie-up,
HGC_Library | Nov 11, 2022 |


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