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Author and television scriptwriter Anthony Horowitz was born in Stanmore, England on April 5, 1956. At the age of eight, he was sent to a boarding school in London. He graduated from the University of York and published his first book, Enter Frederick K. Bower (1979), when he was 23. He writes visa mer mostly children's books, including the Alex Rider series, The Power of Five series, and the Diamond Brothers series. The Alex Rider series is about a 14-year-old boy becoming a spy and was made into a movie entitled Stormbreaker. He has won numerous awards including the 1989 Lancashire Children's Book of the Year Award for Groosham Grange and the 2003 Red House Children's Book Award for Skeleton Key. He also writes novels for adults including The Killing Joke and The Magpie Murders. He has created Foyle's War and Midsomer Murders for television as well as written episodes for Poirot and Murder Most Horrid. He made The New York Times Best Seller list with his titles The House of Silk Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin and Moriarity.Most recently he was commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate to write the James Bond novel Trigger Mortis. Anthony was awarded an OBE for his services to literature in January 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Allmänna fakta

Stanmore, Middlesex, England, UK
North London, England, UK
Orford, Suffolk, England, UK
University of York
Orley Farm, Harrow, Middlesex, England, UK
creator of television series
Priser och utmärkelser
Order of the British Empire (Officer, 2014)
Jonathan Lloyd
Kort biografi
Anthony Horowitz's life might have been copied from the pages of Charles Dickens or the Brothers Grimm. Born in 1956 in Stanmore, Middlesex, to a family of wealth and status, Anthony was raised by nannies, surrounded by servants and chauffeurs. His father, a wealthy businessman, was, says Mr. Horowitz, "a fixer for Harold Wilson." What that means exactly is unclear -- "My father was a very secretive man," he says-- so an aura of suspicion and mystery surrounds both the word and the man. As unlikely as it might seem, Anthony's father, threatened with bankruptcy, withdrew all of his money from Swiss bank accounts in Zurich and deposited it in another account under a false name and then promptly died. His mother searched unsuccessfully for years in attempt to find the money, but it was never found. That too shaped Anthony's view of things. Today he says, "I think the only thing to do with money is spend it." His mother, whom he adored, eccentrically gave him a human skull for his 13th birthday. His grandmother, another Dickensian character, was mean-spirited and malevolent, a destructive force in his life. She was, he says, "a truly evil person", his first and worst arch villain. "My sister and I danced on her grave when she died," he now recalls.
A miserably unhappy and overweight child, Anthony had nowhere to turn for solace. "Family meals," he recalls, "had calories running into the thousands&. I was an astoundingly large, round child&." At the age of eight he was sent off to boarding school, a standard practice of the times and class in which he was raised. While being away from home came as an enormous relief, the school itself, Orley Farm, was a grand guignol horror with a headmaster who flogged the boys till they bled. "Once the headmaster told me to stand up in assembly and in front of the whole school said, 'This boy is so stupid he will not be coming to Christmas games tomorrow.' I have never totally recovered." To relieve his misery and that of the other boys, he not unsurprisingly made up tales of astounding revenge and retribution.

Anthony Horowitz is perhaps the busiest writer in England. He has been writing since the age of eight, and professionally since the age of twenty. He writes in a comfortable shed in his garden for up to ten hours per day. In addition to the highly successful Alex Rider books, he has also written episodes of several popular TV crime series, including Poirot, Murder in Mind, Midsomer Murders and Murder Most Horrid. He has written a television series Foyle's War, which recently aired in the United States, and he has written the libretto of a Broadway musical adapted from Dr. Seuss's book, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. His film script The Gathering has just finished production. And&oh yes&there are more Alex Rider novels in the works. Anthony has also written the Diamond Brothers series.



The House of Silk i Baker Street and Beyond (januari 2012)



The fifth installment of the acclaimed Hawthorne & Horowitz series follows Anthony Horowitz (the fictionalized version of the author) as he revisits one of Hawthorne’s older cases from five years ago – to be featured in his next book.

When one of the residents of Riverview Close, an affluent gated community comprising six houses, is murdered with a crossbow bolt, local law enforcement calls in former Detective Inspector Anthony Hawthorne to assist. The deceased, Giles Kenworthy, who only recently moved into the community with his family was despised by all of his neighbors and it was evident that none of them were particularly grief-stricken by the tragic turn of events. It was also clear to the lead investigator Detective Superintendent Tariq Khan, Hawthorne and his then-partner John Dudley that the residents knew more about the murder than they were letting on and finding the truth was going to be more complicated than any of them had anticipated because all of his neighbors had their own reasons for wanting Giles gone.

Unlike in the previous installments, Horowitz has to rely on case notes, recorded interviews and discussions with Hawthorne, whom Horowitz believes is withholding crucial information. Parallel to researching the closed case, Horowitz also indulges in his personal quest to find out more about Hawthorne, John Dudley and their associates. The narrative switches between past and present timelines – Hawthorne and Dudley’s investigation from five years ago and Horowitz’s pursuit of details from the case and his own investigation into Hawthorne.

With a cast of interesting characters, a fluid narrative and a solid mystery at its core Close to Death by Anthony Horowitz is a cleverly plotted whodunit that is reminiscent of classic locked-room murder mysteries. I thought that this installment was relatively more intense than the preceding books and though I did miss the element of humor that arises from Hawthorne and Horowitz’s usual dynamic, I thoroughly enjoyed following the mystery as it is gradually unraveled. The narrative does suffer from minor repetition, but this does not detract from the overall reading experience. The author skillfully weaves several sub-plots featuring the characters into the primary narrative without distracting the reader from the murder mystery. I was engrossed in the mystery from the get-go and loved the twists and red herrings along the way. Though the primary mystery does not feature Horowitz in his traditional role as Hawthorne’s (bumbling) sidekick, he does have a significant role to play in how several loose ends are tied up in the present day.

I paired my reading with the audio narration by Anthony Horowitz and Rory Kinnear, which made for a thoroughly entertaining immersion reading experience.

I feel that this book would be best enjoyed if you are familiar with the previous installments, especially to grasp the significance of the events in the present timeline and the references to past events.

I'll be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series!
… (mer)
srms.reads | 4 andra recensioner | Apr 22, 2024 |
In the absence of a new case, Anthony Horowitz decides to take a look at one of Daniel Hawthorne’s earlier cases: the death, by crossbow no less, of an obnoxious man living in a formerly close-knit enclosed neighbourhood, or close. There are any number of suspects amongst the neighbours, as the victim had caused problems for them all, including destroying a valuable chess set owned by a chess grandmaster, the hideous death of a dog beloved by two little old ladies (ex-nuns!), the destruction of a garden bed kept in memory of a deceased wife, an ongoing dispute concerning parking which resulted in an unnecessary death, and more. Horowitz is warned that he won’t like the outcome, but once he’s started there’s no turning back….If you’re unfamiliar with the Hawthorne and Horowitz books, you must immediately turn to the first one (“The Word Is Murder”) and read that and the other three before returning to this, the fifth book in this very strange series. As you might gather from the brief synopsis above, this is super-meta in structure: the author is himself a character in the novel, and he often refers to real books that he has written in real life (including the four of this series, and the Alex Rider YA series, among others). Here, we are going back and forth between two time periods (2014 and 2019), but it is easy for the reader to keep them straight, and the story itself and its denouement is quite stunning. I really love these books, so of course this one is highly recommended, but as noted above, start at the beginning of the series please!… (mer)
thefirstalicat | 4 andra recensioner | Apr 22, 2024 |
Pushed by his publisher to produce another 'Hawthorne' mystery, Anthony gets in touch with the man himself. Hawthorne is reluctant to get involved but allows Anthony to see the notes from an intriguing mystery in his past. Riverview Close is a smart private enclave of houses but when one of the residents is murdered then it is clear every one of them has a motive. The police bring in Hawthorne and his then assistant Dudley, but after another resident dies by apparent suicide leaving a note behind, they believe the cased closed.
I really love this series of books, the initial premise is perhaps a little too clever, a fictional Anthony Horowitz inhabits a parallel world helping to solve crimes. What really works is the writing and plotting. Here the plot is both clever and simple, the lead characters frustrating but in Hawthorne's case, very clever and the setting is believable. The homage to the Golden Age through hints and plot links is deferential and rather wonderful.
… (mer)
pluckedhighbrow | 4 andra recensioner | Apr 21, 2024 |
What a clever book this is. "Clever" seems like such an inane word but Horowitz dazzles with not one murder mystery but two. Bodies are mounting up, the clues seem rather "Little England" to be realistic, and everyone has a motive for at least one murder... (The use of different narrative voice was also clever; I was occasionally infuriated with the tone of the book-within-a-book until I realised this wasn't Horowitz's narrative style, but Alan Conway's.)

Standing somewhere between homage, loving parody, and reinvention, Horowitz uses his crime fiction pedigree to great effect. Highly enjoyable.… (mer)
therebelprince | 233 andra recensioner | Apr 21, 2024 |



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