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Stephen Hunter was born on March 25, 1946, in Kansas City, Missouri. He received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1968. He spent two years in the United States Army as a ceremonial soldier in Washington, D.C., and later wrote for a military paper, the Pentagon News. visa mer In 1971, he joined The Baltimore Sun as a copy editor and he became its film critic in 1982. He won the American Society of Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Award in the criticism category in 1998 and the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2003. He is the author of several books including The Master Sniper, The Second Saladin, Dirty White Boys, and Soft Target. He is also the author of the Bob Lee Swagger series and the Earl Swagger series. He has written non-fiction books including Violent Screen: A Critic's 13 Years on the Front Lines of Movie Mayhem, American Gunfight, and Now Playing at the Valencia. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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HuberK | 22 andra recensioner | Dec 14, 2023 |
So after thinking about this for a bit, here's what I liked and didn't like in this one. Overall it was ok, just not quite what I was expecting.

-Jack's chapters were the most interesting, especially the times he's close to being caught
-The setting and atmosphere in here are how I would picture 19th century England.
-Dual narrative: the story goes back and forth from Jack's diary entries to Jeb, a reporter following the case of Jack the Ripper.
-We also get a third perspective thrown in every now and then from a woman writing to her mother. Honestly, I don't think this third perspective did anything to add to the story and could have easily been cut out.
-Jeb's chapters just weren't interesting to me. I might have enjoyed it more if he was a detective working the case, rather than just a reporter, but I really had no interest in his character.
-For a short book, there seemed to be a lot of places that felt long, dragged out, and just boring (again these were mostly Jeb's chapters).
-The reveal at the end wasn't much of a surprise (I guess it was him long before the end).
… (mer)
VanessaMarieBooks | 14 andra recensioner | Dec 10, 2023 |
I'm a huge fan of the author's "Swagger" books. I've enjoyed them all. In this latest effort, Hunter has included all three of the Swagger men, Charles, Earl, and Bob Lee. A story about each of them. Yet pulling all three stories together so they are interconnected through time. I am left amazed at the talent Hunter has. Not content with simply building on the same tried and true formulas, this time he branches out and writes in a different style for each story.
The first story, featuring Charles, is a throwback to the 1930's genre of the "message picture". What he calls clever, quick-thinking pulse-readers. Showing the common man in his struggles, trying to overcome the system. He does this well. It reads like an old movie, showing the dirt, grit, determination, and violence many faced. It's great!
The second story, featuring Earl, utilizes the American "film noir" technique of the 1940's. With it's cynical attitudes and motivations. I think this was my favorite of the three.
The third story, featuring Bob Lee, was written in a style that I was completely unfamiliar with. Hunter calls it "Giallo" the genre of bloody Italian mystery-horror films of the seventies. And wow, did he ever! Perhaps this one is the horror we've never experienced in a Swagger novel. Bloody, gritty, raw. Psycho. Wanted to take a shower after reading it. But, it's also great.
I can't imagine how the author keeps coming up with new angles. His mind must never sleep. I hope he can continue it for many more years!
… (mer)
1Randal | Nov 29, 2023 |



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