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John Jakes was born in Chicago in 1932. He studied acting at Northwestern University, where he began writing professionally during his freshman year. Later he enrolled in a creative writing program at DePauw University and received a master's degree in American literature from Ohio State visa mer University. Early in his career Jakes wrote copy for a pharmaceutical company and various ad agencies, and authored dozens of short stories encompassing western, mystery and science fiction themes. In March 1973, Jakes commenced work on The Kent Family Chronicles, a multi-volume set portraying American history through the lives of a fictional family. Later works include North and South (1982), California Gold (1989), Homeland (1993), and American Dreams. Six of his major novels have been filmed as television miniseries, and North and South remains one of the highest rated miniseries in the history of television. Jakes is actively involved in the adaptation of North and South for the Broadway stage. John Jakes has been hailed as the godfather of the historical novel, and America's history teacher. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

(eng) John William Jakes (b. 1932), American author of fantasy, science fiction, westerns, and historical fiction. Although Jakes uses the name Alan Payne, there are other authors in LT named Alan Payne. Please do not combine them.


Verk av John Jakes

Nord & syd (1982) 2,107 exemplar
Kärlek och krig (1984) 1,422 exemplar
Himmel och helvete (1987) 1,278 exemplar
The Bastard (1974) 1,192 exemplar
Rebellerna (1975) 904 exemplar
The Seekers (1975) 835 exemplar
The Furies (1976) 793 exemplar
The Titans (1976) 750 exemplar
The Warriors (1977) 735 exemplar
The Lawless (1978) 686 exemplar
The Americans (1979) 676 exemplar
Homeland (1993) 609 exemplar
Charleston (2002) 571 exemplar
Kaliforniens guld (1989) 567 exemplar
On Secret Service (2000) 492 exemplar
American Dreams (1997) 404 exemplar
The Gods of Newport (2006) 346 exemplar
Mention My Name in Atlantis (1972) 173 exemplar
Och stjärnornas konungar dö (1967) 162 exemplar
Brak the Barbarian (1968) 154 exemplar
A Century of Great Western Stories-An Anthology of Western Fiction (2000) — Redaktör; Bidragsgivare — 104 exemplar
Excalibur! (1980) 99 exemplar
The Planet Wizard (1969) 93 exemplar
The Star Virus / Mask of Chaos (1970) — Författare — 74 exemplar
The Asylum World (1969) 66 exemplar
Brak: When The Idols Walked (1978) 62 exemplar
Six-Gun Planet (1970) — Författare — 61 exemplar
The Bold Frontier (2001) 60 exemplar
Secrets of Stardeep (1969) 59 exemplar
Best of John Jakes (1977) 53 exemplar
Witch of the Dark Gate (1972) 51 exemplar
Time Gate (1972) 50 exemplar
The Last Magicians (1969) 44 exemplar
Black in Time (1970) 44 exemplar
The Fortunes of Brak (1980) 40 exemplar
On Wheels (1973) 36 exemplar
Master of the Dark Gate (1970) 26 exemplar
The Hybrid (1969) 25 exemplar
I, Barbarian (1780) 24 exemplar
The Spider Chronicles (2007) 20 exemplar
The Funeral of Tanner Moody (2004) 18 exemplar
New Trails: Twenty-Three Original Stories (1994) — Redaktör; Bidragsgivare — 17 exemplar
Monte Cristo #99 (1970) 16 exemplar
Arena (1963) 15 exemplar
Kings Crusader (1977) 14 exemplar
Johnny Havoc meets Zelda (1962) 13 exemplar
Johnny Havoc (1960) 12 exemplar
Veils of Salome (1962) 8 exemplar
Mask of Chaos (1970) 7 exemplar
Making It Big (1968) 7 exemplar
Heaven and Hell, Part 1 of 2 (1990) 7 exemplar
Bastard Photonovel (1980) 7 exemplar
California Gold; Vol 2 (1989) 7 exemplar
Láska a válka, 1. díl (1992) 6 exemplar
Make Mine Mavis (1961) — Författare — 6 exemplar
California Gold; Vol 1 (1989) 5 exemplar
Great Women Reporters (1969) 5 exemplar
Love And War Part 1 Of 2 (1994) 5 exemplar
Homeland Part 1 Of 2 (1993) 4 exemplar
Storm in a Bottle (Novella) (1977) 4 exemplar
The Man From Cannae (1963) 4 exemplar
The Seventh Man (1981) 4 exemplar
Wear a Fast Gun (1956) 4 exemplar
Give Me This Woman (1962) — Författare — 4 exemplar
The Americans Part 1 Of 2 (1993) 4 exemplar
Sever a Jih, 2. díl (1992) 4 exemplar
And So to Bed (1962) — Författare — 3 exemplar
A Night for Treason (1978) 3 exemplar
Sir Scoundrel (1962) 3 exemplar
Ghoul's Garden (Novelette) (1973) 3 exemplar
For I am a jealous people (1972) 2 exemplar
Kadetterne (1987) 2 exemplar
Great war correspondents (1967) 2 exemplar
Night for Treason (1982) 2 exemplar
Kærlighed og krig (1988) 2 exemplar
Lys & skygge [Bind] 3 (1995) 2 exemplar
Heaven and Hell, Part 2 of 2 (1990) 2 exemplar
De overlevenden (1992) 2 exemplar
Kent sagaen: Arvingene (1976) 2 exemplar
Traitors' Legion 2 exemplar
Machine 2 exemplar
No Comment 2 exemplar
Rocket Stories, April 1953 (1953) 2 exemplar
Doctor, Doctor! (2000) 2 exemplar
Lys & skygge [Bind] 1 (1995) 2 exemplar
Lys & skygge [Bind] 2 (1995) 2 exemplar
The Dreaming Trees 2 exemplar
Nebe a peklo (1993) 2 exemplar
Miłość i wojna 1 exemplar
A Christmas Carol (A Play) (1998) 1 exemplar
North And South Part 2 Of 2 (1994) 1 exemplar
Planète à six-coups (1973) 1 exemplar
De dödsdömda 1 exemplar
Inferno e paradiso (1989) 1 exemplar
Lys & skygge (1995) 1 exemplar
Los americanos / (1981) 1 exemplar
De immigranten (1992) 1 exemplar
De erfgenamen (1990) 1 exemplar
De strijders (1991) 1 exemplar
De titanen (1991) 1 exemplar
Os titãs 1 exemplar
he Warriors 1 exemplar
Der Gefangene 1 exemplar
Nord et sud t2 (1990) 1 exemplar
Nord et sud t3 (1990) 1 exemplar
Láska a válka 1. 1 exemplar
Piekło i niebo 1 exemplar
Nebesa in pekel 1 exemplar
Havoc à vendre (1995) 1 exemplar
With Wings 1 exemplar
Dr. Sweetkill 1 exemplar
Centenniel Series 1 exemplar
Holiday for Havoc (1995) 1 exemplar
Frozen Hell 1 exemplar
Homeland Part 2 Of 2 (1993) 1 exemplar
The Defiled Sister 1 exemplar
Flame Face (Short Story) (1968) 1 exemplar
The Running Hounds 1 exemplar
The Beast 1 exemplar
Újvilág 1-2 (2003) 1 exemplar
Pioneeri 1 exemplar
Kentin suku 1 exemplar
Karkuri 1 exemplar
Cloak And Dagger 1 exemplar
Os pioneiros 1 exemplar
Brak, der Barbar (2018) 1 exemplar
1990 1 exemplar
1996 1 exemplar
Das Versprechen 1 exemplar
I hemmelig tjeneste (2001) 1 exemplar
Voittajat 1 exemplar
Die rote Sirene. (1996) 1 exemplar
Am Abgrund der Welt (1976) 1 exemplar
This'll Slay You (1973) 1 exemplar

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A Satisfying ending to an engrossing Trilogy

If you read the first two installments of this trilogy, then you must complete it with "Heaven and Hell. This book picks up after the end of the Civil War. Reconstruction, and its effects on the South are the main focus of the book. Makes includes many interesting characters and plot twists.

Chrissylou62 | 7 andra recensioner | Apr 11, 2024 |
This is set in the decades leading up to the American Civil War. It focuses on two families: the Hazards, living in Pittsburgh, and the Mains, who own a plantation (and slaves) in South Carolina. George Hazard and Orry Main become best friends when at military school in the early 1840s(?). They fight together in the Mexican War, then retire from the military. George does marry, but Orry falls for a woman who is marrying a brutal slave owner.

Years later, George’s youngest brother, Billy, and Orry’s young cousin, Charles, head to the same military school together (though they have known each other through the families’ friendship for a while now)… but now the school is much more divisive along North/South lines with slavery/politics being the issue.

Orry’s brother, Cooper, is very much against owning slaves and he marries a woman from the North. George’s sister, Virgilia, is a staunch abolitionist and gets in Orry’s face whenever the Mains visit. Billy has fallen in love with Orry’s youngest sister, Brett, though he had a brief flirtation with a sister, Ashton, just slightly older. Brett really is the marrying type vs Ashton’s flirtatious ways.

There is a lot going on in this long book and a lot of North/South mixing between the families and their friends/acquaintances. It’s not often I rate a book this long (over 800 pages) this high, but I really liked this one all the way though (though it was a bit tricky at the start to get a handle on who was who!). There is even more going on (and more characters) than I’ve detailed in my summary. This is the first in a trilogy. I assume the others are also very long, so it might be a while before I get to the next, but I will definitely read it at some point. I’ve never seen the miniseries, but would like to; I hadn’t realized Patrick Swayze is in it!
… (mer)
LibraryCin | 32 andra recensioner | Feb 27, 2024 |
(2000)Historical novel about spying during the Civil War. Follows humble characters as they become involved with historical figures during the war. Shows the gritty and dirty work of the spy during the war. (PW) ...retells the story of the Civil War, and also examines specific aspects of espionage, the development of the Secret Service and the controversies surrounding the Lincoln presidency and assassination. The chaos and drama of romantic love, also figure in the saga, centering on two young couples: Lon Price, a fledgling member of the newly founded Pinkerton agency, encounters beautiful actress Margaret Miller while investigating the secessionist movement, and Confederate lieutenant Frederick Dasher suffers a largely unrequited love for Miller's friend Hanna Siegel, also an actress and a secessionist. The Price/Miller pairing is by far the more interesting of the two, especially as Jakes explores the evolution of Pinkerton's secret service and how it linked with and diverged from the government's efforts to infiltrate the Confederate Army. Most of the scenes take place in and around Washington, and Jakes spreads himself a bit thin by covering the entire war rather than focusing exclusively on a smaller number of clandestine campaigns. The author saves the best for last in dealing with Lincoln's assassination, bringing the drama to life by giving each of his protagonists a crucial role as the conspiracy unfolds with expert pacing and suspense. Jakes uncovers the little-known history of espionage and counterespionage during the War Between the States with his signature combination of meticulous research and epic narrative.… (mer)
derailer | 5 andra recensioner | Jan 25, 2024 |
This is the way you write historical fiction. I would highly recommend this if you are interested in some of the core causes and thoughts regarding the beginnings of the Civil War. It is a fictional telling that brings facts into the mix and should spark enough interest to delve deeper.
everettroberts | 32 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2023 |



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