Julie James (särskiljning)

"Julie James" består av minst 3 distinkta författare, uppdelade efter vad de skrivit.

Om författaren

Inkluderar namnet: Julie James


Julie James (1)

Something About You (2010) 802 exemplar
Just the Sexiest Man Alive (2008) 570 exemplar
Practice Makes Perfect (2009) 494 exemplar
A Lot Like Love (2011) 477 exemplar
About That Night (2012) 383 exemplar
It Happened One Wedding (2014) 267 exemplar
Suddenly One Summer (2015) 231 exemplar
Love Irresistibly (2013) 175 exemplar
Grejen med Kärlek (2017) 174 exemplar

Julie James (okänd)

Questione Di Pratica (2014) 3 exemplar
Einspruch für die Liebe (2014) 1 exemplar
Rendez-vous à risques (2012) 1 exemplar

Allmänna fakta

(1) James, Julie (b.1974- ), American author (and former attorney) of titles, such as: Something About You. [LC|no2009043443]

(2) James, Julie (dates unknown); per Amazon.com, this person is also the author of "Jamaican Sex Stories." The two books associated with this author were published in Jamaica and reference Outaroad Entertainment.

(3) James, Julie (dates unknown); American nurse/author of Raising the Red Flag: a nurse's story, published by RoseDog Books; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2010