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Charles Jarrott (2) (1927–2011)

Författare till Anne of the Thousand Days [1969 film]

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Middling costume drama. Burton plays Henry VIII as less of a thug than is sometimes the case, reminding us that he was a highly educated humanist prince when young. Genevieve Bujold was very inexperienced but does well as Anne Boleyn - although winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress was perhaps a trifle lucky. There is a sturdy supporting cast, and the locations, costumes etc are all satisfactory. The tone is less violent and sexual than many more modern versions.
ponsonby | 1 annan recension | Apr 6, 2023 |
2021 movie #171. 1969. Henry VIII (Burton) wanted a new wife to get him a boy heir. Anne Boleyn (Bujold) was his choice. A well made historical costume drama. The leads both got Oscar noms. A bit long at 3 hours but it never drags. Bujold more than holds herself vs. Burton's fury
capewood | 1 annan recension | Oct 9, 2021 |
Il professor Alan Stacy visita Jersey per completare la sua biografia del suo amico e compagno accademico pre-Seconda Guerra Mondiale Harry Martineau, ma arriva il giorno del funerale di Harry. È presente solo una persona in lutto, la dottoressa Sarah Drayton. Invitato a casa sua, gli viene detto da Sarah che entrambi hanno lavorato per Special Operations Executive (SOE) durante la guerra. Mostra a Stacy una foto di loro in posa con il feldmaresciallo Rommel e poi racconta la storia dietro la foto.… (mer)
MemorialSardoShoahDL | Jul 25, 2019 |
Although the film has taken license with the historical fact for dramatic purposes this is still a powerful and stylish film that tells the story of Mary Stuart (Vanessa Redgrave), Scotland's last Queen and her relationship with her cousin and the Queen of England (Glenda Jackson). The film follows Mary's journey from the French court to Scotland where she becomes ensnared in the religious wars of the time (Mary being Catholic; the Scottish Lords and Elizabeth fiercely Protestant) through to her arrest, her execution and perhaps her overall victory - her son James VI of Scotland uniting the two crowns and becoming James I of England.
What screenwriter John Hale and director Charles Jarrott do brilliantly here is counterpoint the two personalities of the two women - the flighty and emotional Mary and the cold and calculating Elizabeth. Both Redgrave and Jackson are brilliant in their respective roles, imbuing their characters with real depth and delivering their exchanges with deep feeling and sincerity. They have first class support from Ian Holm as he doomed minstrel and Catholic spy Rizzio; Patrick McGoohan as Mary's hard-headed and hard-hearted brother James; Timothy Dalton as the weak and foppish Lord Darnley (Timothy Dalton) and Nigel Davenport as the dashing and charming Lord Bothwell. The film is full of sweep, drama and resonance - a first class historical epic.
… (mer)
calum-iain | 1 annan recension | Sep 4, 2018 |

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John Hale Screenwriter
Bridget Boland Screenwriter
Bennett Cohen Screenwriter
Hal David Composer
Ian McLellan Hunter Screenwriter
Andrew Peter Marin Screenwriter
Maxwell Anderson Original play


½ 3.5

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