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Curtis Jobling

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Inkluderar namnet: Curtis Jobling


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Rise of the Wolf (2011) 366 exemplar
Rage of Lions (2011) 172 exemplar
Shadow of the Hawk (2012) 141 exemplar
Nest of Serpents (2012) 102 exemplar
Storm of Sharks (2013) 88 exemplar
War of the Werelords (2013) 65 exemplar
Frankenstein's Cat (2001) 50 exemplar
My Daddy (2004) 27 exemplar
Haunt (2014) 17 exemplar
Old MacDonald had a Zoo (2014) 11 exemplar
Cheeky Monkey (2006) 8 exemplar
Haunt: Dead Wrong (2015) 7 exemplar
Haunt Dead Scared Pa (2018) 3 exemplar
The Sheep Won’t Sleep! (2015) 2 exemplar

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The Skeleton in the Closet (2003) — Illustratör — 33 exemplar


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Drew Ferran é um adolescente de 15 anos, que leva uma vida mansa até que... a lua cheia surge, uma terrível febre o acomete, sua gengiva se dilacera, suas unhas tornam-se garras... Ele se transforma em uma criatura animalesca! Drew não pode mais fugir de seu implacável destino. Uma fera terrível está pronta para atacar, e ele e seus inseparáveis amigos, Hector e Gretchen, iniciam uma caçada brutal, travando uma verdadeira batalha de vida ou morte. A origem do lobo é o primeiro livro da série Wereworld - uma eletrizante jornada épica de fantasia e horror.… (mer)
bibliotecapresmil | 34 andra recensioner | Sep 6, 2022 |
This is one of my favorite series. In fact, I have read it seven times. I love the variety of characters and the intricate plots of each of the books. Whitley is one of my favorite characters; she's certainly no damsel in distress. I love the portrayal of Drew, Hector, and Gretchen as well. They're all such dynamic characters! I would highly recommend this series to any fantasy fan. It has such a unique storyline and view of werewolves. Curtis Jobling got very creative with it!
Amaruq | Sep 30, 2019 |
Great ending to the series!! Not a super neat package with everything tidy and pretty - but it was an ending that made sense. I really enjoyed this series!
pickleroad | Nov 10, 2016 |
This is a supernatural novel.

Max is actually a Van Helsing--they’ve dropped the “Van,” the family famous for killing vampires. His father died years ago, so his father’s partner, Jed, has raised and trained him to fight monsters. The family home has been divided up into apartments, allowing Max to meet other kids. Syd is his best friend; she has a mechanic mentality and is tough. She knows about his monster fighting. Wing is home schooled and very smart, but is unfamiliar with Max’s job. Considering things are about to change, it will be hard to keep Wing in the dark.

When Max wakes up on his 13th birthday, nothing goes well. His new puppy (a hell hound) attacks him; he’s attacked on his way to school in the rain, making him late; while drying his clothes in the basement at school, he’s attacked and, subsequently, suspended for the day; and, a guy Max has never heard of shows up and saves him from a monster, wanting to train him now that he’s 13. Come to find out, a very evil man has returned to “life” whose goal is to kill Max in order to allow his devil master to arise and take over the world, turning it dark. Max has to take him down.

The novel moves at a brisk pace and has constant action packed fighting scenes. I think a lot of kids will enjoy this adventurous first novel.
… (mer)
acargile | 1 annan recension | Oct 12, 2016 |


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