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BegoMano | 73 andra recensioner | Mar 5, 2023 |
A wonderful picture only book that traverses the urban city landscapes of the 21st century set in New York City. Caldecott winner, Stephen Johnson, follows up his award winning book Alphabet City with this book which plays on the fun way we look and appreciate our environment. Johnson creates beautiful pictures of city landscapes (George Wasington Bridge, a inner city trash bin, buildings, benches) and embeds numbers 1-21 naturally as you yearn to find them hidden in the landscape. He chose 21 for the 21st century and how cities will be the new and more prevalent part of everyday life for most children. It is a wonderful way to help visual spatial learners work to uncover their surroundings and in New Orleans there are countless areas that children can practice finding the numbers hidden away just beyond, if only they took time to look.… (mer)
W.Arute | 12 andra recensioner | Nov 11, 2019 |
Alphabet City depicts each letter of the alphabet found naturally throughout the city. For example, a stoplight from the side looks like the letter E. I think this book is fabulous for early readers who are still learning the alphabet. I could see this book helping young students to recall what each letter of the alphabet looks like, while trying to find letters in each of the pictures. I highly recommend this book for grades K and 1, since this is an easy book for children to read the pictures.
vviverito | 73 andra recensioner | Sep 2, 2019 |
While I can see the concept idea behind this ABC book, I do not think it works for the age group that needs it most. I could barely find half of them (and still don't agree with some on what they're supposed to be). I like that the author is trying to use examples from real life but I don't feel it translates well. I wouldn't use it in a story time or even as a recommended concept book. The illustrations are beautiful but not for an ABC book.
EMiMIB | 73 andra recensioner | Jun 10, 2019 |



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