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Graham Joyce (1954–2014)

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Graham Joyce, a four-time winner of the British Fantasy Award, lives in Leicester, England. His books include Dark Sister, Requiem, and The Tooth Fairy, which received a Booker nomination and was chosen as a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 1998. (Publisher Provided) Graham Joyce was born on October visa mer 22, 1954. He received a Master's Degree in modern English and American literature from Leicester University. Before becoming an author, he worked for the National Association of Youth Clubs for eight years. His first novel, Dreamside, was published in 1991. His other works included House of Lost Dreams, Requiem, The Tooth Fairy, Some Kind of Fairy Tale, and The Year of the Ladybird. He won several awards including the British Fantasy award. He also taught a creative writing course at Nottingham Trent University. He died of lymphoma cancer on September 9, 2014 at the age of 59. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Graham Joyce, 59 i Science Fiction Fans (november 2014)


Maggie and Alex find an old journal hidden in the chimney of their cottage, which contains recipes for herbal remedies and some jottings by someone apparently called Bella who has a difficult relationship with "A". Most of the pages seem blank but with handling, Maggie discovers more writing becomes visible. Her husband, a character I thoroughly disliked, is controlling and refuses to let her return to part time education, insisting she stay home and look after their daughter and son. With no other outlet for her intellect and curiosity, Maggie becomes interested in herbalism and tries out a cure for her son's sore eye.

She buys supplies from a shop, run by a sympathetic man called Ash, and through him, meets Liz. The old woman is a hedge witch/Wise Woman with a curmudgeonly attitude who recognises Maggie as being a 'one' - someone with the potential to become a witch - but worries that she is in too much of a hurry, delving into knowledge that can be harmful.

Maggie is the more sympathetic of the main characters, but flawed, becoming so drawn into her pursuit of magic that she forgets to collect her children from school and nursery on occasion. But Alex is plain awful. Not only does he shamelessly exploit all the women around him, having affairs with two, including a student on the archaeological dig where he is in charge, in one scene he cold-bloodedly beats up Maggie, and at other times acts outrageously towards her. He is brought under control by the end, but I was disappointed not to see him get his just deserts, or at least have him elbowed out and replaced by Ash.

It was surprising that the book was published in the 1990s because that aspect came across as more reminiscent of the 1970s. By the 1990s, there was much greater awareness of the issue of domestic violence, and Alex should not get off lightly. So although I enjoyed the magical aspect, I have to deduct a star and rate this as 4 stars overall.
… (mer)
kitsune_reader | 5 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |
ar fi putut fi o nuvelă excelentă, dar așa, lungită cât un roman, sunt mult prea multe vorbe și pagini pentru prea puțină idee (da, idee, că e doar una, bună deși deloc originală, dar nedezvoltată suficient). Are 2 stele de la mine datorită scriiturii foarte fluide, care mi-a permis s-o citesc într-o seară; doar pentru poveste lua 1/5... care poveste?
milosdumbraci | 52 andra recensioner | May 5, 2023 |
La familia Vine es un fuerte matriarcado, comandada por Martha Vine, madre de siete hijas en Coventry, durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Martha posee un don sobrenatural, a través del cual siente premoniciones, ve fantasmas y recibe visitas en sueños. Cassie, su hija menor, posee también el don, que se manifiesta en ella como profundos ensueños de varios dí­as de duración que comprometen su papel como madre. Por ese motivo ha sido forzada a entregar a su primera hija, y espera ahora en las escaleras de la catedral a que alguien desee adoptar a su hijo Frank. Sin embargo, la visión de una gran explosión de luz proyectándose sobre los tres capiteles de la catedral le hace decidir quedarse con él. Martha ordena que el niño pase por manos de sus seis tías para ser criado y educado, y poco a poco, conforme Frank crece y se desarrolla, descubrirán que posee también el extraño don de la familia Vine.… (mer)
Natt90 | 13 andra recensioner | Apr 26, 2023 |
La acción tiene lugar en el futuro. Todo el mundo sabe que en la Red, la araña es el símbolo de la entrada en un lugar prohibido. Ariadna tendrá que descubrir las razones que hacen que una mordedura de araña haya tenido una consecuencia tan importante como es una grave enfermedad, ya que no suelen llegar a tanto.
Natt90 | Apr 25, 2023 |



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