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My Orc (Fake) Boyfriend by Veronika Kane
Eastshore Isle series #2. Paranormal erotic romance. 1st person, alternating between Melinda and Cairo. Can be read as a stand-alone romance but characters from the first are in this book, and this one takes place after the first.
Melinda O’Donnell owns the bakery on Eastshore Isle. She’s happy with her success but her wealthy family coming to visit in July expects to set her up with a doctor or lawyer and have her moving back home. Impulsively, Meli tells her family she has a boyfriend and she’ll stay with him while they are in town.
Cairo is an Orc. He’s lived and worked as a mechanic on Eastshore for years and enjoys picking up cupcakes from the bakery a couple times a week. Usually the place is closing when he shows up, but this time there are several people in the store and he’s shocked when Meli announces they are a couple and he finds himself in a lip lock with her!
Meli needs to convince her family that Cairo is her choice, while he needs to convince her to be his mate.

Feel good, low angst, high heat romance with fated mates, one bed, grumpy sunshine, all in a small town setting.

Entertaining and a steamy quick read. A humorous version of monster porn without anything extra.
… (mer)
Madison_Fairbanks | Jul 7, 2024 |
My ORC Next Door by Veronika Lane
Eastshore Isle series #1. Paranormal monster romance. Fated mates. Alternating POV.
Jess bought her home on Eastshore Isle four years ago and loves her community. She is on the committee to help improve the financial stability of the island because businesses are closing. After getting to know her neighbor, Jess believes bringing more Orcs to Eastshore is the solution.
Karnak has lived on Eastshore Isle for ten years. He keeps to himself and orders groceries from out-of-town. When Jess moved in next door, he knew she was his Mate. But he learned during captivity that humans don’t want anything to with Orcs. Especially not romantically. He can’t help being around Jess when she’s outside though, especially when she’s in her hot tub. Her smell is intoxicating.
Jess and Karnak are silently lusting after each other. Maybe they should do something about that.

A gentle green giant, silently helping his neighbors with tasks. Sure, he can be, and is, an actual “monster” but he can also be a good neighbor. And wow, he steps up to help Jess with the loss of her Muffin. Kitten. Really. 🤣. So amusing, that both Jess and Karnak have a lot of arguments with themselves. And lusty thoughts. It’s actually a slow burn once they acknowledge they want more but they eventually get steamy and sexy hot.
Humor, sexy times and a love they have to work at to believe.
A fantastic start of a romance series and I can’t wait to read more.
… (mer)
Madison_Fairbanks | Jun 13, 2024 |