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I've read this ages ago, probably when it came out. Idk if GoodReads didn't exist then or I didn't have an account, but well I've read it now.

I love the manga, so I always wanted to read the original and its sequels.
This is sweet, cute, very tame. This BL is shounen-ai, which means it focuses on romance more than on sex.

It's refreshing for teenagers to just be that, dorky, insecure, sometimes irrational and jealous, but never melodramatic or prolonged. There's no big angst so to speak. It's more of a coming to terms with your feelings, with your sexuality, with your crush type of story.

The romance is very sweet and cute, the sex scene was mild but very much about feelings and really made impact.

Though I get why some say Miho, a girl in the second part, is like the typical girl being evil in BL trope I didn't find it so. Miho is just another teenager being dumb and going out of her way to worm in, but she's never truly mean or ugly about it. And in the end, didn't she support them too? So yeah, I dont have issues with her nor with this LN.

Do keep in mind that this LN is old, like seriously old. I'm showing my age just by saying I read this when it got localized haha 😂

It could easily get 4 stars, but didn't because as it was translated in the early era, it has some flaws in the translation. But that's to be expected when even LNs coming out right now are still riddled with issues, or terrible translations.

I forgot to say that I do wish the manga had adapted all the novels, because the story really glows and flows better as a manga. One of the rare exceptions where I love the adaptation more than the original source because it gained a lot from being drawn, shown, etc.
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Criticalnes | 2 andra recensioner | Jan 14, 2019 |
I love this book is one of my favorite yaoi books that keep the relationship pg. I loved how there was a lot of jealousy and rivalry in this volume because even though I enjoyed the first one where there was a conflict with how he felt towards him and a sweet love confession I have to admit I love a little jealousy here and there. But overall amazing I definitely recommend it!
yariangely | 1 annan recension | May 5, 2018 |
The manga version of the first novel. It cuts out bits to get to the main plot. Overall it just feels kind of watered down compared to the novel. Things happen but you don't get a deeper understand for why they matter, or really what's going on.
Maverynthia | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 27, 2017 |
While this book is under the "yaoi novel" label, it's not a yaoi novel and will disappoint people looking for one. It's a true 'shounen ai' novel, complete with fluffiness and only in the very end of the book do they have sex, and you don't even get descriptive sex.

Overall this was a good book, the MC, Wataru wasn't a doormat and actually talked back to Yuichi. The story itself was fluffy, where Yuichi has a crush on Wataru and gets a copy of Wataru's ring (stalker?) and then Wataru finds out by accident and from there they discover the love for each other.

There were parts that seemed to be disjointed, like when they are apart because of Yuichi's studying, but overall a good book.

Parts I didn't like was Miho, she didn't seem to provide any further plot and was a rather bad stereotype of the 'jealous woman!' who gets jilted in BL novels.
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Maverynthia | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 27, 2017 |


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