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Gail Langer Karwoski, a former teacher of elementary, middle, and high school students, frequently returns to schools as a visiting author
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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Athens, Georgia, USA
University of Massachussetts (Amherst, Massachusetts)
University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graduate School)
Public school Teacher
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I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. My big brother was already 8 years old when I entered the family, so I was the "baby" and got lots of attention.

When I was in third grade, my family moved to Brookline, Massachusetts. I got to choose the exterior color of our new house. I chose pink!

In school, I was the smallest kid in my classes. I made good grades, but sometimes my conduct grade needed improvement because I was a chatterbox. I loved to read, but I wasn't very good at P.E.

At home, my favorite activity was playing with paperdolls. I had a shoebox full of them. When I found a cartoon figure or magazine photo that I especially liked, I clipped it out and added it to my collection. I made up relationships and problems for my paperdolls, dressed them, and moved them around in houses and cars and yards that were actually scatter rugs and bedspreads. I made up voices for my dolls and pretended they were talking to each other.



I can now write a review because it was an ebook. I was new to Librarything and didn't realize I had clicked a request for an ebook.
Nutile1011 | 14 andra recensioner | Apr 20, 2024 |
I love this book! It's like playing Clue but in a book form with my favorite items of art and horses! The author brings the characters to life with vivid descriptions and her wordplay is phenomenal!
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cherylgw | 14 andra recensioner | Jan 27, 2023 |
A Brush with Murder is Gail Langer Karwoski's first book in The Watercolor Mystery series. Friends Jane, Grace and Donna have travelled to the Horses and Gardens Retreat in South Carolina to participate in a painting retreat "en plein air'. After arriving, they proceed to go for a walk and come across a horse that is dead in a reflecting pool. As other incidents occur to people associated with the retreat, the three friends become interested in trying to figure out why the incidents are happening and who is involved.
The author has done a good job of with the creation of her characters and storyline. As this is set at a retreat where people from different areas are attending, it is not necessary to provide a complete backstory for all involved but the author has given enough information on each character's history to enable the reader to understand the connections within the storyline. As the story unfolds and more incidents occur, the author provides twists that lead the reader down a pathway of certain discovery just to find yet another twist which ultimately leads to a surprising but well written final revelation that is based on some of the foundational motives of all-time great mysteries.
I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing and Black Rose Writing and am leaving this review voluntarily.
… (mer)
CaleyG | 14 andra recensioner | Oct 28, 2022 |
I received this book to review for LibraryThing.
Three friends arrive at a hotel called "Gardens and Horses" to attend master classes with a well known artist. The hotel also has a successful stable for race horses about which I knew nothing until I read this book. The friends decide to go for a walk before the classes start only to have the shocking experience of finding a dead horse in a pool.This is just the beginning and attempted murder and murder follow which of course are solved by the police with the assistance of the 3 friends. I enjoyed the unusual setting for a mystery and the advice about painting. I think it was a good first book for this author and I look forward to her next one.… (mer)
19anne44 | 14 andra recensioner | Aug 10, 2022 |



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